Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Maybe Switzerland needs to grow on me. I did want a winner this year very different to Arcade after two years of that being the winning song.
Azerbaijan is my obvious #1 by a landslide, they just have to focus on giving her a performance that hides her stiffness.

Georgia is alright, I prefer it over some other ~emotional~ faves (cough Switzerland cough Bulgaria).

Malta is fantastic. I really liked last year, but it quite faded on me. I don't think this will; it's a mix of Lizzo and Caravan Palace's early works, and I'll always have a soft spot for Electro Swing (I liked Electro Velvet after all ddddddd).
I actually prefer this over All Of My Love. I think her song last year was very good but it felt a little faceless. This feels more like something she was involved in as opposed to being a Poli Genova leftover. That said, both songs are great.
So does this mean Belarus are out then? Is today the deadline for submission?

Malta has already shot up to number 4 on esc scoreboard. Think she will break top 3 by the end of the week
The middle 8 of Je Me Casse

I normally like Poland's ballad entries but it's nice to see them going in a different direction, even if I don't particularly like the song....
I hate that the demo version of The Ride sounds so much better, I can imagine bopping to it if only they gave the song to a proper singer like Viki Gabor, the song would fit her very well

Apparently this is real so... ?

Edit: they posted this link as a source and I google translated it:
Macedonian Radio Television has yet to decide on this year's Eurovision representative. The public service says that an internal commission is analyzing the situation and will make a final decision these days.

"Macedonian Radio Television has established an internal commission, which reviews and analyzes all aspects arising from public reactions related to the Eurovision Song Contest. The public service broadcaster will also take into account the obligations noted in the participation license, as well as the obligations arising from the membership in the European Broadcasting Network, where MRT is an integral part of the public service association in the European Union. The public will be additionally informed about the final decision of MRT ", says Meri Popova, head of the Macedonian delegation of Eurovision at MRTV.

This comes after the stormy reactions of the public regarding Vasil Garvanliev and the video for the Eurovision song, in which several shots of a work of art in a museum with the colors of the Bulgarian flag were problematic. The video was withdrawn and a new version was released, but part of the public was "caught" for his dual citizenship.
Garvanliev apologized on social media to everyone who felt hurt.

"The moment I found out that people were affected and that work in the museum was misunderstood, I took a step, the video changed, they were torn off and we published it again. There is no politics in music, no race, no color. There is love, there is humanity, there is energy. If someone is hurt by what I did unintentionally, very accidentally, I apologize wholeheartedly. "I do not apologize for who I am, but if I have hurt anyone, whoever you are, forgive me," said Vasil Garvanliev.

For the third year in a row, Garvanliev is the representative of the country in Europe. In 2019 as an accompanying vocalist, and last year as a soloist. He has had a Bulgarian passport for 20 years and he said that publicly in an interview last year. As of today, a petition in support of Garvanliev has appeared on the Internet.

In the meantime, the reactions on the social networks do not subside, among which there are politicians with support, but also with criticism of Garvanliev.
While the petition for Vasil not to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest was signed by over 16,000 people in just one day, the petition in support of the mother Yildiz Veaposka, who lost three organs during childbirth, collected barely 11,000 signatures in five days.
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