Eurovision Song Contest 2021

This masterpiece is currently my #3 (#2 being Moldova and #1 Italy).

AND it's hit #1 on the Danish Singles Chart. First time since Only Teardrops.
Senhit has recorded her back up performance in Rome and Flo Rida was in Miama at the same time so I guess he won‘t be on stage I guess. I don‘t know how flexible EBU is.
Any Danish speaker here? It seems that one of the members of this year's entrance was accused of abuse.

I understand like 90% of it. It basically says that one of her exes treated her in a “degrading, calculated and limitless way” and that she ended up in treatment after being convinced (by the boyfriend) that she’s mentally ill. But it’s a questionable article in that they haven’t interviewed anyone (it’s all based on an Instagram post) and the publication explicitly write they haven’t been able to confirm which ex-boyfriend she’s referring to in her post. Has it been reported in any proper Danish newspapers? Because if the Danish Se & Hør is anything like its Swedish equivalent, it’s just pure gossip rather than news.