Eurovision Song Contest 2021

The Set Me Free revamp leaked. It sounds the same except with a light sprinkling of generic EDM beats in the background. There is a cool whistle note at the end, but besides that its still not a very competitive song.
I may becoming slightly obsessed with the hurricane girls and Latvia is giving me life tonight but nothing is still hitting me the same way does when Cyrpus's last chorus comes crashing in still my number 1. Just youtubing some of her other videos too I need her to go back to brunette for the night suits her so much better than the blond
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I watched the premiere of this as I'm sad, there was actually people in the chat saying the original was better, what are they thinking?! This is much improved
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A ja slatka sam i fina
(Ou), a ti si sam-sam-sam
I ja znam-znam-znam da biće lom-lom-lom
Zato hajde budi loco-loco
A ja slatka sam i fina, a ti si sam-sam-sam
I ja znam-znam-znam da biće lom-lom-lom
Zato hajde buddy

Set Me Free climbed a few spots on my list after the revamp. The video helped, too, of course. She's a real good performed - I kind of forgot that after being disappointed by Set Me Free being picked for ESC.

Having a hard time settling on a favorite. Last year was easier (Feker Libi all the way, but picking no.2 was harder). This year, the performance will be a big factor when I decide who gets my vote (and my daughter has so many favorites that she's delegating them to the rest of the family - I think I was chosen to vote for Mata Hari).
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I'm stanning Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Finland this year. I also want San Marino to win just to see what kind of disaster Eurovision 2022 would be.