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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Maybe he can be a backing singer or dancer? Please?
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  2. I still won‘t believe it til they all officially announce it but thank God.
  3. Cyprus seems to be going big after the Sandro debacle. I actually liked Running but I understand why it didn't connect. This on the other hand has potential to be very successful.
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  4. Mother, why don’t you want me?
    Please... Mother, please, don’t make a mistake, say yes to life


  5. this was on my contest playlist for so long dddd and it seems that she is a better singer than Tamta at least. She lacks stage presence from what I've watched, though.
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  6. For sure she's much more capable vocalist and stage presence can be faked with proper performance and tricks.
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  7. Not me looking like the Kombucha girl while watching these Senhit videos of Eurovision covers

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  8. Senhit has too much money.
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  9. The only mistake about these videos is that she chose the wrong Congratulations instead of this work of art

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  11. I thought those three thumbnails at the final row were three unrevealed (and stronger) songs but they are just links to rules and voting. These nine don't do it for me sadly.
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  12. Ue La La *could* be good...if they re-wrote it and changed the production.
  13. New logo is here:

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  14. There was also this one:

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  15. Carolina Deslandes, Karetus, Da Chick, Neev, Tatanka, Stereossauro, IAN, Irma and Virgul among the 20 composers for Festival da Canção 2021.

  16. I really want Little Big back for next year to represent Russia they were so catchy for me.
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