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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Ok but is pink the national color in Netherlands or what‘s going on.
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  2. I was hoping for something a lot more tacky than this. She's not serving enough camp.

  3. That outfit stunning. Voice is sounding strong too loving this.
  4. MB


    Agreed. Even putting the dancers in a different colour to black would be a start!
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  5. MB


  6. The bridge where she's serving tired treadmill walk....A mess.
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  7. You didn't know?
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  8. Are you in the arena?
  9. Rob


    This is giving me The Saturdays walking around and flicking their hair levels of routine.

    But I'm still eating it up.
  10. My queens I'll let the routine pass for now cause rehearsal since it was a little messy but I'm sure it will be tightened up on the night. Ivanas outfit I'm in love
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  11. Loooove the outfit and the colour palette. Hoping the rest of the performance is punchier tho.
  12. I saw some comments saying is she and the dancers doing something with green screen and their outfits. Sounded very technical but wasn't it supposed to be Greece trying something very new on stage this year.
  13. It's like watching Circus Tour bootlegs all over again. Go girl, give us nostalgia!
  14. Serbia slayed. Moldova is not camp enough!

    Iceland already climbed to No.4 with the odds. It could stand out with all the slutbops.
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  15. Feels like Natalia was afraid of walking in the spinning platform or something. I'm pretty sure we'll see an improvement in her performance.
  16. These rehearsals aren't really about proper vocals and full dancing though are they? I imagine it's more testing the staging, lighting etc. We'll probably have a better view of how the performances look after the next set of rehearsals.
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  17. [​IMG]
    and that's not all ddd
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  18. So glad The Roop opted for yellow!
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  19. Not this year looking more 80s than the actual entries in the 80s.
  20. So I've now watch 3/4 of the semi finalists and wanted to give some 'who to look out for' tips based on first run throughs:

    Semi 1
    - Russia: Blows everything in the half (bar Cyprus) out of the water with creativity and power, the dress gives it a quirky Eastern European kitsch that sells the message of the song, and the LEDs are some of the best of the year so far.
    - Cyprus: Holy shit, this surpassed my expectations in every way. Elena sounded great and delivered one of the most impressively choreographed performances to date. There's some incredible floor choreography in particular that the teaser photos eluded too. There's also a gag towards the end where the LED door opens to reveal a giant 'El Diablo' sign that spews flames.
    - Croatia: Super fun and fresh, feels very youthful. She looks incredible styling-wise, but is also one of the most confident performers we've seen so far. There are a lot of effects used, particularly the use of the transparent LED panel instead of the actual stage, but it feels very very slick.
    - Ukraine: Absolutely obliterated me. The staging is incredibly detailed, entrancing and thoughtful. There is so much to look at but it feels intentional rather than busy. The whole thing is basically an acid trip. I cannot wait to see how this goes down.

    I'll save semi 2 for tomorrow evening.
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