Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Carolina Deslandes, Karetus, Da Chick, Neev, Tatanka, Stereossauro, IAN, Irma and Virgul among the 20 composers for Festival da Canção 2021.


IAN's album SLAPS

Karetus ughhhhh their minds! Stereossauro is also a great name, indeed. There is a Brazilian composer it seems, which I'll also most likely root for even if I don't like the song (which is probably going to happen considering this is her latest release).
Apparently, the Alabama Watchdog song from Eesti Laul 2021 is transphobic.

There ain't no girls if they're plugged online
If they eat those pills and the hormones fly
Reverse or recovery won't come so easily
So who's gonna pay if it won't feel swell?
The rain gets thicker and the lies get bigger
The truth will not hide when we see those figures
Who's gonna lead when priests play the sinners?
Those words will fly as a killer

It's also promoting the "covid isn't real" theory, so why be transphobic unless you want a column in the Guardian?
a plague that runs from east to feast
We've all been duped with a growing lie
And the media won't let it die
I only enjoyed 4 out of the 24 Eesti Laul songs.... Let's hope it's not going to be THAT kind of a Eurovision...
Heleza and Gram-Of-Fun are the best for me, Uku S. and Kea are OK, Sissi can bring it on the live performance, Tanja is guilty pleasure. Not feeling much the rest.
I like a few of the Estonian songs but it's so clearly going to be a Uku vs Koit (at a push) situation that I'm not going to invest in any other song too heavily from a competitive standpoint.