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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. IAN's album SLAPS

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Karetus ughhhhh their minds! Stereossauro is also a great name, indeed. There is a Brazilian composer it seems, which I'll also most likely root for even if I don't like the song (which is probably going to happen considering this is her latest release).
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  3. Apparently, the Alabama Watchdog song from Eesti Laul 2021 is transphobic.

    It's also promoting the "covid isn't real" theory, so why be transphobic unless you want a column in the Guardian?
  5. If came across Heleza on iTunes, I like it! That Alabama crap can go back into hell as far as I am concerned
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  6. The ESC 2021 drama has started with a bang, huh?

  7. Eesti Laul really has gone to the dogs huh.
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  8. Heleza is my favourite for Eesti Laul though I must confess I have a soft spot for Uku dd
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  9. This screams schlager sent at Melodifestivalen by an old lady and getting last in the semi

    and i think that's beautiful
  10. I only enjoyed 4 out of the 24 Eesti Laul songs.... Let's hope it's not going to be THAT kind of a Eurovision...
  11. A couple of cute songs.

    At least Uku has a good song this time.
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  12. Yes, Uku's is one of the four songs I enjoyed. Heleza, Kea and Gram-of-fun the other three
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  13. Heleza and Gram-Of-Fun are the best for me, Uku S. and Kea are OK, Sissi can bring it on the live performance, Tanja is guilty pleasure. Not feeling much the rest.
  14. I like a few of the Estonian songs but it's so clearly going to be a Uku vs Koit (at a push) situation that I'm not going to invest in any other song too heavily from a competitive standpoint.
  15. I liked these:

    The writer of the 2020 Junior Eurovision winning song:
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  16. I'm keen to know what Karetus come up with.

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  17. I LOVE these two:

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  18. Tutti is my favorite from the French selection. I am a sucker for that French pop boy hand-clapping style of song.
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  19. These are cute too.

    Looks like Voilà is the big fave though which is SO french but in a good way.
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