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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. That Terence James song is really good, but it's BEGGING for a revamp.
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  2. For those of you who said: "I love Sanremo, if only it could be longer"
  3. Colours (the song offered to Poli Genova in 2018 for Bulgaria and Michela in 2019 for Malta) is now in the Croatian NF selection.
  4. Is that even allowed? I heard the song has been online for a while.
  5. But it hasn't had a 'commercial advantage' of an official release. Leaked demos don't really count.
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  6. Like Arcade being online since 2016? (:
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  7. Omg Lesley Roy is coming back we going Dublin 2022!!!
  8. lol
  9. Believe women!
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  10. In more exciting new Hurricane are officially confirmed too, can‘t wait for their banger.
  11. Waiting for some redacted involved to call it the next Euphoria again, only to end up with a dated early 2010s mess. Imagine how tired I am.
  12. So, do we like the San Remo 2021 lineup?

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  13. Francesca and Noemi's songs being written by Mahmood

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  14. Apparently Jalisse's San Remo submission was rejected for the 24th consecutive year.
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  15. RAI probably still feels their heart attack when they almost won 1997 because RAI forgot to cancel the fee for ESC and had to participate.
  16. The fact that so many people are so pressed about Jalisse winning Sanremo over 20 years later is iconic. Trust Italy to resent one of their best entries that much.
  17. Stefania is having a NF with 5 songs to choose from. Sadly all are by the Dream Team.

    I sorta liked Superg!rl in a JESC kind of way though so there is some hope left.
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  18. Ok, does anyody know how today's Eurovision Again will work? Who's competing?
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