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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Yes on the official Eurovision channel, only I've found that the YouTube feed is on a slight delay. I watched it before while following the thread here in real time and people were commenting about things that hadn't happened yet.
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  2. Why do that ceremony right now? I'd say is quite risky!!
  3. So, who's Eurovision 2021 lipsync assassin?

  4. Worth pointing out that this year, the YouTube broadcast is inaccessible in Australia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, United States and the United Kingdom.
    People in these countries need to find a proxy, watch on telly, or pray that the SVT (Other broadcasters are available) stream isn't geoblocked.
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  5. Romania now too
  6. Poland, Iceland, Malta and Romania are all staying in the same hotel.
  7. Oh god, I might have to watch with Graham Norton's 'aren't Europeans funny' commentary?

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  8. This turquoise carpet thing is not as entertaining as in Tel Aviv.
  9. Mess. Hopefully they can still perform though.
  10. MB


    Yep I’ve given up. Couldn’t cope with the female presenter responding with “that’s amazing” to every answer.
  11. He's actually... pretty respectful to Europe and the contest in his commentary, no?
  12. From what I've seen so far, Lisbon 2018 remains unbothered as the best Eurovision whatevercolour carpet.
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  13. He's Wogan-lite.
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  14. A nightmare, literally a nightmare.

    There may be radio stations giving alternative commentary. Try maybe ESC radio?
    Your difficulty will be syncing it with the pictures.

    It's very "oh look at the funny foreigners" like ITV's "X on television" programmes.
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  15. I don't think his song stands a chance, but Jendrik is such a nice guy and cutie! He had pictures of the contestants that couldn't make it to the event glued to his shirt.
  16. The desperation for a viral moment. As if the song wasn't bad enough in that regard.
  17. Not Eden outing who is gay from her dancers ddd.
  18. Tonight is the jury semi

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  19. Literally the physical embodiment of

  20. MB


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