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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Its a group who are not even at the venue, they are watching from home. The fact these "press polls" keep being shared is ridiculous
  2. Loool, God I thought they were legit. Not this one but the others. Wow.

    Anyway, I shouldn't have sourced the 1 minute clips but Ukraine is everything.
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  3. I’m not really a fan of the song but the performance does stand out.
    I’m confused by Malta though as she’s wearing a short “Cleopatra” wig in the stills I’ve seen from the show yet on the leaked clip she has her long hair from rehearsals...
  4. She had the Cleopatra hair at the 3pm rehearsal, she had her usual long hair at the 9pm jury show.
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  5. I still cross my fingers for France but I can see Ukraine winning. Ever since the first rehearsal I thought they were on course to shock everyone and win the whole thing.
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  6. I feel like Ukraine are far too polarising to win. I also think that about France which to me literally sounds like someone having a breakdown for 3 minutes. And after the year we've had do we really want a depressing af song winning?! We had a moody ballad win last time round. Give us a bop now, please. The world needs it.
  7. I am crossing my fingers, arms, legs, eyes everything that Azerbaijan make it through, not least because Mata Hari has seriously grown on me.
  8. All of this.
  9. It's on repeat. With Moldova. We love an underdog with a basic bop and lazy dancing!
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  10. I hope Australia qualifies for the final, the last thing Montaigne needs is to be the first Aussie non qualifier on top of not being able to attend.

    Also people are claiming this is Flo Rida arriving in Rotterdam this morning

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  11. I'm honestly beginning to love Norways entry....
  12. First of all, this year it's a poll of around 100 accredited journalists from around 25 countries and 40 publications, but yes, they're all fans of the contest...obviously. Some of them are in the venue in the press centre and others are watching via the virtual press centre, but everyone gets to see the same camera feed.

    Regarding 2019 it was a much smaller sample because it was done physically going around the press centre, and it wasn't predictive because everyone chose their top 5 based on the semi's dress rehearsal. Your examples given are...odd choices because a) none of them ended up on the top five of the semi anyway and b) Belgium was shit throughout rehearsals AND live AND didn't qualify, so what exactly is your point?

    Fan media isn't immune to criticism but randoms commenting on methodology and content they clearly don't understand and haven't done their due diligence before making claims makes you seem messy and jealous that some 'stans' get more access than you. It's actually quite easy to get into a site and then get accredited, so maybe try making content for the contest for yourself? The more the merrier!

  13. That's a lot of emotion but glad you enjoy your blog :)
  14. Why would anyone complain about having MORE data and insights on the contest?

    nn of course you have to take it with a pinch of salt - just like we do with the bookies odds
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  15. Aha that must be it! I have Moldova on repeat too!
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  16. Flo Rida spotted in Rotterdam! It’s happening!
  17. She talks about it in her podcast Pop Kitchen.

  18. Thinking of the fast food music buffet we could have on Saturday if all the pop girl bops qualify...

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  19. I didn't think anything could top 2018 in terms of the girls throwing out legendary bops, but this year is pretty fantastic on that front too. Really excited for this week.
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  20. Anyway...

    Sad Rylan is out sick as I've liked him the last few years but glad Sara is back, if we got even anything close to any of the the gems below, I'll be more then happy.

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