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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. It’s time for a new thread! Excited / nervous for the events set to take place in [Enter city here], Italy courtesy of RAI!

    Looks like San Marino may be first to announce this year, now they have moved their selection process to November 2021.
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  2. Sis, the thread title!
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  3. I demand Sabrina Salerno gets to host, right @Vasilios ?
  4. Cheers - stupid autocorrect!
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  5. I'm banking on at least one gay erasure scandal. Don't let me down Radiotelevisione Italiana S.p.A.!
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  6. It actually made sense…
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  7. I know one person that is very happy he stepped down from his job just in time.

  8. I hope it's in Milan. Rome is much more culturally interesting, but I found Milan a lot more lively at night. Also Milan has a budget airport that is really well connected to the city, whereas Rome is pricey to fly to.
  9. I was hoping to try to go next year so Italy would be fab!

    Any Italians here, is the TV station still the mess they were in 1991?
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  10. Lol is it really time for a new thread? I'm still drunk
  11. The largest arenas in Italy are in Turin and Milan, I bet it's gonna be in one of these two.

    All the jokes I see about RAI hosting the show next year are funny but just how much leeway does the host broadcaster has? Apparently when Italy last hosted in 1991 it was a big mess but, watching the show for the past 10 years, it looks like production is very similar every every year. EBU probably has pretty strict guidelines and quality control?
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  12. Considering the mess in timing Sanremo can be, the EBU will need to have a strong hand in it.
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  13. RAI should just hire the Dutch team....
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  14. I mean the new daddy chief is there for a reason, he will oversee that everything works in time.
  15. Italian D is going to be amazing.
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  16. I would love for two things from Euromess 1991 to be recycled for 2022:
    - Opening act: Celebration - The Eurovision 2022 remix by the Italian DJ du jour sung by three/four Italian popstars with Sara Carlson appearing in the end.
    - Postcards of the contestants singing Italian songs, if not for the show proper (so Graham Norton et al wouldn't talk over their singing) at least for some online content.
  17. Interval act confirmed:
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  18. someone please send eurobeat
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