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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. I think Italy has the most stunning song in the contest nn but seeing their rehearsals, I’m not sure they can pull it of. I think they will be like fifth. I found their Sanremo performance really good, though.
  2. You have to keep in mind that both were touring before the rehearsals so their voices were very tired.

    I guess with a week to rest now it will sound better.
  3. Italy's song is, to me at least, the same as Fai Rumore and L'Essenziale - Italy on ballad autopilot.
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  4. I'm so mad about yesterday's results - we're going to have to endure a snoozefest on Saturday.

    An Ukraine - Switzerland - Molvoda opening would be must pleasing, with Ukraine setting an electric start to the show and then everything going downhill for a while.
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  5. So with all these snoozefest songs, you all want Malta in the final, right?
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  6. Ready for Queen Konstrakta to replicate her local arc by being an underdog that goes viral in the two days between the semi and the finals and places higher than expected. Or totally flop because RAI is fucking horrible.
  7. This was posted under "The exclusive preview of Ireland's postcard" and I snorted
  8. If Serbia doesn’t qualify I’ll… be upset :(
  9. Can we also appreciate S10 getting emotional at the right moment?

    Let‘s see if Australia can do the same.
  10. About thursday:




    Great chances

    Czech Republic

    Toss up

    Romania / Ireland / Israel / Malta (10th place)
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  11. I'll be devastated if Ireland doesn't qualify.
  12. She has very few chances of doing it - but I'll be voting for her!
  13. It's painful how good Austria is on the studio version. Not sure a better vocal would have saved them though.

    I can see Ireland getting out of the second semi. It's so much stronger than last night. But she'll get some votes from me.
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  14. My twee girlies S10, Amanda, Rosa, Systur, Monika and Maro marching into the final x

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  15. Even if she doesn't qualify, she delivered another iconic Derry woman losing her passport moment. And for that I am grateful.

  16. Kii
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  17. He moves like a marionette jfjjd

    Alexa play I’m a marionette by abba
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  18. Got 9 out of 10 right, though! Did not see Iceland making it, to be perfectly honest.
  19. Nn yes it was shocking inside the arena too

    I’d say it was a quarter/fifth empty?
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  20. None of you talked about Croatia plagiarising Taylor Swift and I’m mad nn!
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