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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. DAS


    I know it's an unpopular choices, but i'd switch out Estonia (i think the sun ruins the performance tbh and I don't see why it's so high in the odds) and have Ireland, Israel AND Malta qualify. After last night, I don't know what to expect but Iceland, Lithuania, Moldova and Switzerland were either only expected borderline or NQs and qualified so keeping my fingers crossed for my favourites tomorrow night.
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  2. Plagiarism is an understatement, it was some next-level Single White Female aping.
  3. Mika aggressively kissing Laura on the cheek and her saying SO HOT in response had to be the cringiest moment of the night but it's difficult to pick.
  4. The black sun really stood out, in a negative way, during alot of the performances.

    Also, I'm grateful AleXa won American Song Contest, because that meant my daughter wasn't as upset by Albania's NQ as I thought she'd be.
  5. Do you think Subwoolfer will reveal their identies at the final?

    I feel like they could do it during televoting.
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  6. Does anyone care that it’s Ben from A1 though?
  7. Was it supposed to be doing something that it didn't? Or just a design choice.
  8. No but they care that the one on the left is Jon Ola Sand
  9. It was supposed to rotate and have LED panel on it
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  10. Oh.
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  11. Many artists based their ENTIRE staging on that sun, eg. Lithuania, Estonia, Malta. What a disaster.
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  12. I'd like to issue a retraction and an apology to Portugal.

    That was really something. Being on that satellite stage and filmed the way it was, just perfect. What a moment. No issue's with that doing well on Saturday.

    Admittedly anyone who kept as far away from the black hole as possible came across better last night.
  13. EBU was secretly hoping for a Big 5 win for years so they wouldn’t have to deal with small countries problems (budget, politics, protests…) but then RAI delivers one of the worst productions in the last 15 years. Really be careful what you wish for right there.
  14. Maro is such a talent. Everyone should be doing a deep dive into her back catalogue on Spotify because it’s exceptional.

  15. Ireland is such a bop. Let me join the group think.
  16. Brooke HAS to qualify. I am so glad @Up N Down can vote for her tomorrow, as I cannot...
  17. Also, let me just say I am so happy for @soratami and myself
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  18. [​IMG]
  19. Love this daddy.

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  20. Iceland and Portugal coming through with these great chilled bops is exactly what I need right now.
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