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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. I hadn't heard Iceland before last night. Gorgeous. Perfect sitting at your desk having a cup of tea watching the rain fall down at 3 in the afternoon track. It's the sort of song that just makes you feel warm and cosy. The layering of the production and vocals is so good.

    Same with Portugal. Enjoying some of her back catalogue too, the collabs she has done with this Nasaya guy a few years ago are very up my street, make me think of Baynk. I liked the staging of that one, very calm and effective.
  2. The way a single performance snippet propelled a song to the gays’ fave underdog, not everybody has that
  3. Todays on going dress rehearsal was filled with in ear issues. So far Romania, Poland and Montenegro have repeated their performance. Sweden may too cause her song stopped midthrough ddd.
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  4. Prayer circle for Ireland. The final needs more bops, stat.
  5. Why is the production level of this year's ESC on par with a Moldovan Skype NF.
  6. The prayer circle.

  7. This thread is littered with disparaging remarks on Eastern European countries.
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  8. Eurovision fans need to realise that very few of the 40-odd participating broadcasters have the means to live up to their precious production expectations.
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  9. Its a small thing but I like how Portugal properly incorporate the backing vocalists in the staging through the circle, rather than having them backstage or shunted off to the side and having the vocalist standing on their own not moving in the middle of the stage.
  10. I have 20 more pages to read but....

    I finally watched the semi and Pia Maria (Austria) reminded me of that @Popjustice article about when the whole world will have been a member of the Sugababes, cos she looked like the first new member of the post-apocalypticbabes
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  11. Chanel is really giving us multiple vocal moments amidst all this intense choreo
  12. Ι'm pretty ok with last night's results. I know we all believed that Albania would coast through but everything about the Eurovision performance was worse than her national final one - the outfit choices were wrong, the color palette was very last year and nothing stood out as much as it should have given how powerful the song is.

    The standouts for me were Greece, Portugal and the Netherlands all delivering high-quality, polished performances. Norway was camp done right, Moldova was camp done wrong, and only Switzerland annoyed me for qualifying.
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  13. Speaking of Chanel:

    That's cute of her.
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  14. Be that as it may, surely Italy, one of the Big Five, would have the means to do a lot better than this mess we're currently experiencing. It's not even just a matter of budget, stuff like having better creative direction, better camerawork, less cringe presenters and, you know, the stage actually working properly, would go a long way.
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  15. Okay, I think I finally decided my Top 5:
    1. France - it's just the biggest song of this year
    2. Cyprus - probably the most listened one, low-key bop
    3. Serbia - it's a piece of art
    there is a quiet gap here
    4. Portugal - love the vibe
    5. Poland - the best ''regular'' ballad
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  16. Oooooo, she changed the choreography a bit!
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  17. RAI looking down on the Contest for years and always believing they could do better only to completely mess up both times they hosted in a span of 30+ years is something.
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  18. Ukraine and Portugal both delivered great shows, Italy is much richer than both. It isn't a money issue, it's RAI being awful.
  19. The irony here is this was supposed to be RAI's redemption after the fiasco that was their previous hosting attempt. But now they need a redemption for the redemption.
  20. Don't speak another hosting in existence dd.
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