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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. RAI is RAI. To be honest the standard of production is in keeping with RAI’s own programmes.

  2. Semi 2 press poll from today
  3. Apparently, the dress rehearsal from this afternoon is still not finished yet due to technical problems...
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  4. The stage works fine. It's just that that infamous fucking sun takes 90 seconds to rotate fully. According to the original agreement between Rai and EBU, every performance was to be prefaced by a little Sanremo-style introduction: the presenters would have said one minute of cringe whatever about the song and then called the artist on stage while the LED arcs assumed position. The problem is this format would have called for about 30 minutes to be added to the usual runtime of the show, so about a week before the first rehearsals, EBU retired its okay to the plan in the name of the sleek™ streamlined™ nature of Eurovision. It was then decided to not even attempt any rotation of the sun during the competition to avoid incidents, delays and consequent trouble with the other 50 broadcasters. Doomed to being shot down by the evergreen "Italians are so incompetent" narrative whatever they chose to do.

    I feel sorry for Rai because they did put in the effort they could afford to put in (believe me, it could have been MUCH worse than what we got) but they overcomplicated their job needlessly. I know many Eurovision fans have recycled themselves as experts on the quality of Italian media without having watched one minute of anything that wasn't a little Sanremo but Rai produces camp primetime extravaganzas full of LEDS LEDS LEDS on the regular and despite the litany of tired clichés repeated ad nauseam since Måneskin won, they had all the chops to do an excellent job. If the Eurovision format didn't allow them to play to the strenghts of Italian television—flow, chaos, spontaneity, improvisation, those poor hosts having to limit themselves to the stupid little script, you just know Laurona Nazionale was on the verge to scream OI OIIIII I COME FROM SOLAROLO, I AM A FARMER BUT I LIKE TO SING, CASSO!!! at any moment—why not going for a simpler, more efficient, less maximalist route? And now the naysayers think the clichés were facts all along. Truly a missed opportunity.

    It is also true that, as I mentioned, many Eurovision fans have set themselves on >:( mode since day zero. The hyperbole of the criticism is a masterpiece of camp in itself. It gives strong whiffs of tourists going full Karen because their precious little holidays have been totally ruined by the incompetence >:( of the locals. An angry British woman whose eyebrows are drawings of eyebrows storms the lobby of a 3-star hotel and says, "skewsi, skewsi, hairdryer no funzionare, questo unacceptabile, niente funzionare Italia, Italia schifo, io no venire più, io andare Grekia o Spania o Portugalio >:((( mafia ruba soldi, Måneskin drogati, brutto brutto brutto >:((("
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  5. Montenegro is one of my favorite songs of the year am I crazy? Every time I see it low in the odds, and low in those press results, I feel a little sad!
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  6. I mean, if you're going to wait a whole year for this, it's normal to be disappointed to be getting such a botched show, especially after how great the last few Eurovisions have been. Just because it could have been worse and they apparently couldn't play to the strengths of Italian television or whatever doesn't mean people need to be satisfied with what they got. Like, what would the appropriate reaction here be, "aww, they're doing the best they can, bless"? It's not like anyone's hurling abuse at the organisers or anything like that, but it is true they did/are doing a terrible job.
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  7. I immediately question the taste levels of anyone who wouldn't put Israel dead last this year.
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  8. So much this. Many fans (and many members of the press I have encountered on the ground too) have appointed themselves as experts in TV production AND Italian culture and are nitpicking unnecessarily at this point. Having experienced a year without Eurovision, I'm still getting joy from the contest happening, and even enjoying the blips on the way (the stage is camp).

    I would rather broadcasters had the agency to play with the format and play to their strengths (Lisbon was a great example) than feel the need to essentially cosplay as SVT.

    I seem to recall a lot of people shitting on 2017 when it was happening and the year after for bad hosting, bad staging and a messy organisational period.
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  9. Saying Israel is the worst in the second semifinal seems a bit too much to me. It might be a bit of a mess and, well, not exactly great, but at least it's campy fun. I definitely rate it higher than the likes of Georgia, Azerbaijan or Australia, and a few others.
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  10. Israel’s act is the equivalent of that annoying person at a party you actively avoid and vow not to invite next time.
  11. Israel can deliver a great vocal while doing full choreography. He's not one of my qualifiers, but saying he should come dead last is nonsensical. There are worse live performers in this bunch.

    Side note: another press poll is coming after the jury show. The previous one posted was from rehearsals. Unsure how the results may change if they are the same press doing it twice?
  12. I don‘t believe the sun always needed 90 seconds. This show is planned to every second.

    We know they have less than a minute to change between songs. EBU would have never allowed 90 seconds in the planing stage so:

    a) either RAI didn‘t calculate rightly and they didn‘t inform EBU til it was too close to rehearsal
    b) the other rumor is that it worked in time but something got destroyed so now it‘s slower and EBU then allowed the San Remo introduction but in the end changed their mind

    In the end both fucked up anyway. I wonder if some delegations will complain once the show is over.
  13. Still can't believe Denmark put their whole Reddussy into that performance and didn't get through.
  14. Considering that the runtime has always been a big issue with the Contest (and ironically another one of 91's debacles) I find it very unusual that the EBU would have agreed to an extra 30 mins to be added in the first place.

  15. Only a legend.
  16. I mean, genuine question: If the stage sun works fine (as in if it can rotate, even if it takes long), why are we only seeing the dark side? Would the LED side had been worse?
  17. Cause they gave the delegations both options to prepare so now those that chose the dark side with light effects would have had to create LED animations within two days...and it seems more countries prepared the lights side instead of LED so they thought that was fairer.

    Jury final right now and Serbia had everyone clapping! Yes.
  18. Ah here’s the tea
  19. Jury show press poll. IRELAND???!!!! Please god.
  20. Ireland at #10


    Cyprus at #13

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