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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. Aminata coming back to Supernova with...

    ...a generic ballad?

  2. Aminata's best work. A less shouty version would have been perfect, but it's still fantastic.

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  3. I need this to win everything this year.

  4. Girl I-

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  6. Look forward to the superfinal all being from the first show again because nobody can be bothered watching it all.
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  7. Well, I guess Norway’s going to be a NQ this year. People are already raving about Subwoolfer, and if you thought Tix was bad this is some next level shit.

    I have yet to listen to all of these songs in full, but as of now it's very

  8. Working my way through them... the No Time to Die copy... they didn't even bother to hide it
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  9. Elsie Bay and her Billie Eilishiana Del Rey take for the win, I guess.
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  10. Some of these Spanish songs got my bussy quaking

    When Culpa evolves into this house of horror banger... wig
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  11. The Rasmus are competing in the preselection for Finland.
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  12. Plus, they have a new female guitarist!
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  13. Ok wig yeah I feel that
  14. Living for her surprised look on the cover.
  15. Living for the pink triangle. Exploit us!
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  16. The bold lip? The over-designed cover?
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  17. It's giving Natalia Gordienko, meaning...

    I stan!
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  18. The Maltese entries will be revealed this coming Monday. There's a bit of everything in there, the usual cheese, returning acts, Emma Muscat and a yeehaw moment that will be sung entirely in Maltese.

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