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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. Okay I love Cyprus this year. And Andromache is gorgeous.
  2. LPT


    If you are going to do a reveal.... Then do a reveal.
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  3. Find the note girl find the note…
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  4. Send Holly Valance next year pls Australia
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  5. I loved the Aphrodite Les Foiles tour staging.
  6. Not only did the song feel like it lasted longer than 3 minutes, so did the speech afterwards
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  7. BTG


    It’s giving 2002 pre-Tory Holly Valance at TOTP.
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  8. These vocals good lord nn.
  9. She’s an alt right supporter though
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  10. Not Ela being an Arash co-write!
  11. Cyprus still coming through with the bops even when mid tempo
  12. She’s flatter than a pancake nn
  13. The enunciation is... lacking, but there's something gorgeous in here.
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  14. Lots of the vocals have been flat as a fart this year
  15. Go on girl give us nothing
  16. Can someone explain the giant snail to me
  17. No dead sun to be found in this performance.
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  18. Love the song, but this performance is not good. NQ.
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  19. I'm so glad everyone's got staging to cover up that ugly ass black hole. They must have seen it coming.
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