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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. The crowd absolutely living for all the bops love to see it
  2. I enjoyed that
  3. No, but Poland can spit on me (again)?
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  4. This song had EVERYTHING! noughties latin nu-disco bop.
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  5. Piss break part 2
  6. He can spit in my mouth all he wants.
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  7. Piss break. Poland is terrible, sorry.
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  8. Is this A Kiss From a Rose?
  9. The irony of the lyrics being “I’m bored, I’m done” when it’s what every single person listening to Poland’s entry is thinking.
  10. Poland:
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  11. Why so many cuties this year? Estonia’s is a hunk, Poland’s is cute too.
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  12. His vocal tone is very annoying...
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  13. These VFX…..
  14. Ugh. I hate his voice.
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  15. @Poland I am once again asking you to internally select Natalia Nykiel.

  16. It’s really going gay bop, sad ballad, gay bop, sad ballad tonight
  17. Look at all those messy lil raindrops
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  18. BTG


    Why did it look like cum was dripping down the screen?
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