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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. Ok everyone shut up, I love this
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  2. These face contortions are making Sam Ryder look calm and relaxed
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  3. Ok who chose the cum dripping filter for Poland?
  4. Adjsahgdgfdssh these effects
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  5. The raindrop effects on the screen look too much like cum!
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  6. This is the staging equivalent of finding the transition option in PowerPoint
  7. What is this dreadful 2010 Ryan Tedder-rip off.
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  8. WRS’s backing dancer was in The Challenge a few months ago.
  9. Watch the old locals eating this up because it’s ~classy~ and he’s got a ~beautiful voice~
  10. This performance
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  11. I just really liked Romania ok
  12. I'm watching Poland on mute and I'm enjoying.
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  13. What is with the post-song monologues this year?
  14. I liked Janis from Mean Girls performance for Macedonia.

    Estonia needed a 2015 Avicii remix.

    Brooke. Yes girl.
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  15. Ah so that’s where my Xmas lights went
  16. Montenegro.
    So that’s why my satellite dish went.
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  17. I don’t have enough pee for this many loo breaks.
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  18. You can tell Poland has the worst gay rights record in Europe because clearly a gay person was allowed nowhere near the planning of that performance.
  19. Montenegro giving Night of the 1000 Circles with that thing
  20. Ok, but Vladana is gorgeous.
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