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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. Sam Ryder not mentioning a single British singer in the list of people who incidence him.

    Not that I blame him to be honest.
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  2. Sam is just too happy for my liking. I’m a self loathing gay.
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  3. Not the Illuminati tattoo on full display...
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  4. Songs from UK and Poland sounding exactly the same...
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  5. flop, please flop!!
  6. Wait what-
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  7. How does Chanel look like Demi Lovato and Doja Cat
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  8. Who started that rumour that the br*tish staging was good? Drag them to a court.
  9. To think that this is the staging why people in the UK 2022 thread think this is going to win ddddd.
  10. I love Sam. Fuck the haters.
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  11. Fixed it.
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  12. *Kacey Musgraves voice* you can have your
  13. Okay Eminem
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  14. Sam's falsetto is so... show-off. It just ends up grating by the time the second chorus rolls around.
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  15. So Germany are coming last again
  16. Why did Malik bring 2 old carpets for his staging…
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  17. Germany coming for another 'zero points' moment.
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  18. Muting this top 5 recap bar Chanel and replaying Brookes performance
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  19. I believe it is supposed to move.

    I mean the sun on the stage is also supposed to move so who knows.
  20. I don’t see how the UK’s giant cage thing is any better than the giant trumpet tbh
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