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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. The fact that there’s only one span of three songs in a row that I like, and it’s the first three…
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  2. San Marino




    Ban men
    Ban ballads


    Definitely ban men with ballads
  3. We love a wholesome winner - our Chanel!
  4. Yes at Belgium getting through, I thought we wouldn't.

    I wish Malta and Cyprus were also in the final.
  5. Well, this is a lock in for a Ukraine victore, but I'd truly love to see an Spanish victory tomorrow.
  6. Ukraine not being sabotaged means they probably were first in their semi with a lot of points, like really a lot.

    Romania in death slot means they probably came 10th yesterday.

    I don‘t know how well Sweden will do after Moldova now.

    Great spots for Spain and Serbia.
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  7. Spanish eurofans are terr*rists... I'm scared of tomorrow :(
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  8. Portugal on a bit early for my liking. They've done their best with a bad job in the second half.
  9. I turned into the tik tok live stream yesterday for a second and the screen was split so you could see the acts getting ready just behind the stage. Pretty cool.

    Hope someone uploads it on youtube.
  10. All those cigs who traveled to Turin for the final getting to see Ballad To Ballad: Ballad Edition (Accoustic Ballad)… nn
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  11. I am glad San Marino is out. Sorry I hated everything about it ddd.

    I would give him a 1 but then a 2 for the gay kiss at least.
  12. Moldova being sandwiched between 10 (!!!) ballads/slow midtempo will make it soar into the top 10 I think. And then I am counting Stefania and In Corpore Sano as uptempo.

    Could be very good news for Serbia as well. Lock in that top 5 queen!
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  13. But people voted for those 10 ballads and they will do it again?
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  14. Why are they trying to tank my Breton Daddy and his band of witches?

    I’m shocked that they put Ukraine in at 12th - I think they will have to be far down the jury vote to not win now.

    They’ve also sent Portugal down the leaderboard too.
  15. If Moldova can get into the top 10 with DoRiToS then it’s on lock with this one - the GP will eat it up.
  16. Romania in the death slot… Switzerland was right there!!

    They did their best with the running order but it’s going to be a real slog on the night
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  17. Gutted for Miss Emma but I suppose it was warranted. She was well deserving of a better song.

    Here in support of Chanel and HOLA MI BEBEBEBE.

  18. I have decided to be at peace if the final results in any of the following: Barcelona 2023, Belgrade 2023, Gothenburg 2023, or at a stretch Manchester 2023.
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  19. The Ronela/Brooke friendship is really cute
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  20. Youtube views aren't everything but Serbia is by far the most viewed performance from last night ddd
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