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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. There's a theory that they place countries on the running order depending on how many televotes they've received in the semis. If a country wins the vote they get placed towards the end of their half. This is likely true as over the last 10 years the winning song has generally either performed around 11th/12th or 21st/22nd in the final.

    The only thing which could upset our usual expectations is the fact that most of the Big 5 have made the effort this year.
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  2. It‘s not a theory it‘s a fact. They would never put a song that was the semi winner in place 2.

    But there are also one more important factor: Production. Getting stuff off and on stage.

    For example Portugal is on the b stage and Finland has a lot of props. So while Portugal performs they can get all the props behind the sun, Portugal leaves and they can build Finland quickly.

    Also there will be most probably be a break between Ukraine and Germany cause Germany takes a lot of time to build. Same for UK. All that is factored in too.
  3. Fff them placing a male ballad either side of the UK!! Sam’s chances of reaching top 10 just plummeted.

    The running order is rotted, but guess we can’t expect anything else given how terrible so many of the songs are this year.
  4. We won the Semi-Final by a landslide last year and were paid dust. Destiny ended up #6 in the running order for the final.
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  5. Never mind an extended bathroom break, I might go to a damn movie during this.
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  6. Still not over the sheer darksidedness of Australia and Azerbaijan qualifying over Ireland/Cyprus/Malta. Like, I would have even preferred Georgia or San Marino over them, because, even if they were pretty bad/among my least favourites in the semi, at least they brought something different to this year's competition. The GP's obsession with mediocre men singing stale ballads is a disease.
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  7. This was my first thought too. Space Man will get lost sandwiched in between two other male ballads.
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  8. Spain just overtook Italy in the odds.. first time they’ve been top 4 I think? I seriously hope Chanel can do it.. we can’t have another Eleni situation!
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  9. The poor contestants already being back on stage rehearsing the flag parade right now.

  10. Queen said "fuck your sun!" and got robbed tbh!
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  11. At least the female ballads are better - Netherlands and Portugal particularly!

    Estonia was the surprise for me yesterday!
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  12. This year we're in for a borefest, aren't we?
  13. I don’t think the UK will have any trouble standing out between Australia and Poland dddd
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  14. You’ll always have the Sami-final
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  15. I love Mahmood and Blanco but the song is a chore.
  16. Greece coming in between Belgium and Iceland makes me optimistic about a (high) top10 placing.
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  17. Romania is quietly passing "anti LGBTQ propaganda" laws similar to those in Russia as we speak. So, to see this year's performer being somewhat more flamboyant and quite obviously queer is a bit emotional for me. Can't imagine what a lot of people might think back home, but it's a nice little victory to see him on the stage doing his thing. Especially with positive reviews from Eurovision watchers around the world and nice reception live.
  18. I agree. Sam’s a great performer and the last half of his performance is pretty great. He’ll stand out for that. Even if the song is kinda average.
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  19. I’m fearful of how low some of the televote scores are going to be tomorrow.
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  20. This was a moving read. I love our neighbor, and I'll make sure to throw him a vote tomorrow! Was rooting for him so hard!
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