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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. Especially this year with some similiar entries I can see televotes getting lost and only be there for really outstanding songs.

    Which is why I am curious to see how many ballads went through cause of the jurys.
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  2. Chanel pulling off a Beyoncé-heavy dance routine and then resuming the song with a perfectly clear Y NON SE CONFUNDAN is worth douze points alone.
  3. Can't wait for her winner performance!

    Maybe I'll vote for the first time tomorrow, Eurovision in Spain sounds nice + Chanel as the interval act.
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  4. This year is so tricky. There's no clear contender at all. And no, Ukraine does not count. I have a feeling it will be one of these:


    Yes, Poland. I hate the song and his voice is driving me insane, but the response from the GP has been overwhelmingly positive so...
  5. The way that I don’t care about any of the main contenders. France or Serbia for the win.
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  6. If Chanel wins, I believe RTVE already said they'd consider Valencia as the host. Today in El País it looks like Madrid and Barcelona want to host it, too.
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  7. This is me every year. I can't remember the last time my favourites were even in the running. In many ways it's more fun to know your faves won't win and to just enjoy it.

    I sort of get the appeal of Sweden but it's just so very, very basic. I'm much more excited about more subtle songs like Iceland and Portugal.
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  8. Spain... I don't wanna piss on the stan parade but I'm feeling a Cyprus 2021 result coming on - right side of the scoreboard and a disinterested general public bar the bop-loving gays. It's fine but it's unremarkable and it's been done a million times before.
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  9. I suspect the juries may tank it to stop it winning. But I'm wondering if anybody other than Ukraine winning would suck the fun out of the arena.
  10. Spain is the dancing pop girl formula yes but I feel it may be the best it's ever been done? If we're going by the technicalities and the skill of choreo it's more difficult than Helena, Foureira, Kalomira, Hadise etc.
  11. What's missing for me for Spain is star power and charisma. She's technically very competent and skilled but she doesn't command the stage like Eleni did in 2018. And the song is... kinda just there. Don't get me wrong, it's miles ahead of the dozen awful white men with whiny ballads but as an entry I still don't think it's memorable or unique enough to do very well.
  12. The idea of Ukraine having to think about thousands of homosexual tourists wanting a good time and all the associated costs and infrastructure of a hosting barely months after a military invasion - which might still be brutally grinding on somewhere in a year's time - is honestly wild to think about. I've no idea what the precedent would be for something like that.
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  13. I agree. I'm really trying but I just don't get it. I wish I did. The almost universal praise makes me feel like I'm missing something obvious, but I'm finding her voice paper thin and the song anaemic. She's a good performer but that's all I can take away from it.
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  14. If Ukraine wins there is no way it will host. No way. You have to start planing on Sunday basically.

    It costs many millions. I don‘t think they would invest in that. I could also see a shitstorm coming. Why spend millions for this instead of building new homes.

    If they win it will probably be either in the second place‘s country or a big 5. Maybe this country will be the same if Italy, Span or UK is second.
  15. They wouldn't host in Ukraine. This war cannot be guaranteed to be over by this time next year. The most likely outcome would be EBU would go to the same scenario that exists if Australia won. UK or Germany would be asked to host.
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  16. I feel like Ukraine winning would have a muted arena response more than anything. If Spain, UK, or Italy won, the place would go absolutely nuts.
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  17. I can't at "it's been done before" being used to criticise SloMo, as if that doesn't also apply to practically every Eurovision entry. Like, you don't exactly go into this contest expecting innovation and something brand new. And besides, the song not just being mostly in Spanish but also having a lot of Spanish flair to it definitely sets it apart from the bops we've had over the last few years anyway.
  18. Anyway Stockholm's mayor has offered Ukraine to host. I think most of the countries likely to end as runner-up will gladly offer to host under the circumstances.
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  19. Nah - the crowd response to Ukraine on Tuesday was unbelievable. There was a standing ovation in the stands - at least where I was.
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  20. Ukraine’s voting numbers in the semi final were huge. They are the ones to beat.

    The problem is it’s been done before and better, and very recently too. Also with Spanish flair. Chanel has obviously spent a lot of years in a talent school so she’s well trained and she seems sweet. But she’s not going to win.
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