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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. I've just read that Sam has received the biggest reaction from the audience. Wow!
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  2. I mean, she is just such a pro.
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  3. Just heard someone there saying how Sam played more into the emotion of the lyrics with his vocals tonight and it worked all the better for it. Lots of people saying he'll be the jury winner after his performance tonight.

  4. Apparently there were yet more issues with the camerawork on Cornelia’s performance tonight.
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  7. Well, he did forcefully kiss two of the presenters while they were in camera and had no opportunity to consent to that or push him away. That's not acceptable in any context.
  8. I have to say, after the jury show, I think the running order is sufficient due to how strongly it ends (thanks to Serbia, mostly). The only big loser in my opinion is Greece.

    Based on the recap, my [subjective] standouts were:
    - France
    - Spain
    - Moldova
    - Sweden
    - UK
    - Serbia
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  9. The press poll for tonights jury show:

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  10. I think there was a misunderstanding while translating.

    But I guess we would get a statement if real.
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  11. Awww!
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  12. K94


    Semi Final 2 actually restored my excitement. I'm definitely joining the Little Cornballs - Miss Sweden easily had the best performance of the night. Also happy for handwash auntie - I was worried!

    Think Brooke did what she could but the choreo is weak. I needed Sharpay on steroids. What we got was The Saturdays teas.

    Obviously I was squealing watching Chanel for the first time. Haven't seen that much technicality, choreo-wise on Eurovision, in a long time. Tomorrow - a lot of people will be scared!

    After watching these semi finals, I can see why Sam has the hype nn. The song kinda stands out though I'm not sure the caged staging is working (or how they're shooting it anyway)

    Don't really want Ukraine to win by default so telling myself it's a competitive year nn. There's a fairly decent amount if songs to root for so it'll be a kii nonetheless.
  13. Glad to see that Brooke has drummed up so much support and goodwill from the fans; hopefully that continues moving forward. I don’t remember the masses seemingly ready to go into battle when 22 or Heartbeat went out.
  14. Wait I just heard France. Winner vibes if the performance is good enough.
  15. The UK winning both of those press polls… this is a god test
  16. Chanel should do the dance break in that waterfall part of the stage [​IMG]
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