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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. Is this the year Russia will internally select MARUV?
  2. Apparently, Verona is one of the candidate cities and wants to host it in a Roman amphitheatre.

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  3. Ukraine of course.
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  4. The Arena is wonderful but doesn't it have to be a close theater according to the EBU rules? Also I think it's too small for the stage and the seats.
    I think it's gonna be Milan or Turin.
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  5. I think Spain will select Famous:

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  6. DAS


    I wonder which acts of Eurovision past (or from previous national finals) will take part in Eurovision 22 - I’d like Arilena Ara to take part in FIK again this year, also I’d like Poli Genova to represent Bulgaria again. If Armenia are able to return I’d love Athena to represent them and get her chance
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  7. One of the following acts for Malta and we should be good (fingers crossed!)

    Brooke could do well with a Symphonix production (and I believe she has material coming out with them shortly). Emma is quite known in Italy so I can totally imagine the delegation approaching her for the ticket knowing how sly we Maltese get with Eurovision.
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  8. Can someone please fill me in about why RAI is a mess and a half?
  9. Just watch the 1991 Eurovision ddd. The male host was a total mess, especially during the voting, the orchestra played some songs too fast or had weird instruments, the show lasted 30 minutes longer than usual and to top it off of course this was a year where Sweden and France had the same amount of points so no one knew at first who won.

    Anyway that was 30 years ago but then you have San Remo that takes ages too. But EBU controlls the contests much more now so I am sure it will be fine.

    They already have a heads up since there will be only 25 songs in the final since a big5 country won, so they already have an extra 5 minutes.
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  10. Sanremo takes ages because between a song and the other there's 30 minutes of monologues, sketches and guests ddd the format is totally different.
    What I'm scared of is RAI coming up with the usual names for the hosts i.e. 60 years old men who can't speak English. They need to come up with someone young and fluent in English/French.
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  11. Enjoy. It's the definition of hot mess.
  12. Rafaella Carra is 60+ but I think she can be a perfect host

  13. Rumore Rumore
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  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Rafaella and Sabrina to host please!
  16. Rafaella and Sabrina would be a fucking blast and a honor!
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  17. For me, those two are the ONLY options
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  18. You'll get Amadeus and you'll like it.
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  19. I wouldn't mind. It'd be so damn messy and I'd be living!
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