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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. Mika obviously
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  2. The UK increased their record of second places to 16.
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  3. Please, if we're being real, nearly everyone here would be hating on the song just as much as the other boring male songs if it wasn't the UK entry and this wasn't a UK-centric forum. He still came second, I'm sure a few gays on not being fans won't make any difference.
  4. I want a pop girl but honestly I wouldn't be mad at this
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  5. So happy for Portugal in 9th place.
  6. Azerbaijan got *zero* in their semi televote. Ha.

    UK gave Brooke 12 deserved points.
  7. Chances of the UK hosting next year must be quite high?
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  8. UK coming 2nd place a total of 16 times now.

  9. The 11th and 12th placers in both semifinals being women... I hate it here.
  10. If it was Javine pipped to the post I'd be fuming but Sam is... whatever. Yes he seems enthusiastic about the contest moreso than the usual drivel we send in but it was still drivel just dressed up better in a sea of unusually dull and same-y performances. Definitely a few factors this year which made for a nail biting result nonetheless!
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  11. I think it will likely be one of the Big 5. As if it's someone else they would likely expect to be in the final automatically along with Ukraine. So I can't see see the EBU having 7 Automatic Qualifiers again.
  12. Cyprus and Ireland weren't 11th in that semi-final. North Macedonia was.

  13. I disagree and i'm being "real"...
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  14. I loved Bye Bye Fool but I'm not surprised it did so badly.
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  15. France flopping…
    Talk about that injustice
  16. Croatia came 11th for the second time in a row damn.
  17. Really over the moon for the UK and Spain! A great result overall and despite the over abundance of rather dull songs I had a lot of fun watching this year.
  18. UK deserved its placing. They made the effort, sent a good song, staged it well and performed the fuck out of it. Lets hope this is a turning point.
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