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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. Get her as the replacement act for Massive Attack for Primavera please and thank you.
  2. It's strange the Eurovision version of the Moldova track isn't on Spotify, but the karaoke version is. What's that all about?!
  3. I've spent last night and today explaining exactly this so many times. I'm really happy with last night's result, we haven't finished 2nd since 1998! I think people just like to whinge and moan unfortunately
  4. It's a symptom of a wider disease; we like to think we're more important on the world stage than we actually are. As if your average punter watching the show in Madrid or Reykjavik or Bratislava actually sits there and goes "I'm not voting for them because of Brexit" or whatever.

    It's the living embodiment of that Don Draper meme.
  5. I mean, we all like different things. I'm not bowled over by SloMo but can still appreciate why it has connected so much with others. And Chanel's charisma on stage is undeniable.

    SPACE MAN was always the one for me though. I just love it, and I really enjoyed what he did with the live arrangement. Sam's just an incredible talent and UK fans should rightfully be proud of what he managed to achieve.

    Also, Ukraine's song isn't my thing either. It's just not particularly pleasing to my ears, but I do completely understand why other's liked it and got behind it, and the overall message of them winning was the story of the night.
  6. Nn me forcing people at this ESC party to vote for France and they managed to get 2 televote points out of all...8(sigh) from Serbia so yas! Them flopping is all due to that cursed 6th spot its the new/old death slot.

    Super proud of Konstrakta, she's done us so proud and she's been the first representative in ages that has managed to bring people who hate ESC over here to actually watch the contest nn so, queen!

    Portugal & Netherlands getting 9th & 11th was super good consider I thought both would tank, all in all a very cute winner, not my favourite but I get why it won and pretty nice Top 11 and also Azerbaijan needs to be federally investigated cause I'm super sick of their lame songs coasting on jury! Cause where was this for Mata Hari.
  7. What’s this jury voting irregularity thing about? How is is discerned?
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  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We have a toxic attitude when it comes to competing. In anything. Sport, art, music etc. Because we think we are somehow more important than everyone else and we are the best at everything and should win, even when we don’t really try. And then we complain when our half arsed efforts don’t win.
  9. There was hype about Italy? I don't really follow any pre-final events, so I'm surprised Italy's had hype. It was the worst for me all night.
  10. Oh that's annoying. Judging by breakfast TV and the papers, I thought we were taking it well.
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  11. So, are the votes going to be corrected?
  12. I appreciate Sam as an artist (he has some pipes and the outfit was gorgeous) but the song isn’t that much better than SloMo. It’s on the nose and basically a cheap Rocket Man and Space Oddity hybrid tribute. It’s just unfortunate how the world just prefers men doing anything rather than women doing everything!

    Let’s not talk about Ukraine. Whoops!

    Is it very obvious that I’m mad? Oops!
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  13. Can I say once again I hate jurys?

    Like does Azerbaijan really deserve a Final placement if they had zero televotes in the semi? In the Final they only got 3 televotes so it‘s obvious people didn‘t connect / like the song.

    Wouldn‘t it be better for the contest if for example Cyprus went through that was 8th in televote in the same semi but the jurys put dead last? At least it had some fans and some people that would have liked to hear it in the final. It just seems the people‘s vote (that actually spend the money) doesn‘t always count.

    Same for Switzerland. Second last in semi in the televote and even last in the Final. Why waste that spot on them? Why not put something through that was maybe 10th/11th with televote?

    This is basically jurys forcing some songs into the final that people didn‘t want in there. What‘s the point to have them there?
  14. Semi-final qualifiers should be decided through public vote only.
  15. I am OBSESSED with Hold me closer.
  16. I’m really disappointed that this didn’t do better. It’s a great song the performance and staging was great. This will be one of the songs from this year that stays on my car playlist (I’ve still got Blanche and Keiino on it)

  17. Whoever hosts, I hope they make it a true coproduction with the Ukraine broadcaster. Ensuring the inclusion of Ukrainian presenters and postcards, etc etc.

    In fact, postcards that draw a parallel with the host country and Ukraine could be really powerful, showing how any country could have been in their position.
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