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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. Its actually an incredible song, and understanding the words make it even better. I'm glad this won.
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  2. I think the problem will be trying to get the BBC to host. It would require lots of money and planning, I don't know if they can be bothered

    Sweden I'm sure would do it in a heartbeat
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  3. Interesting. Sweden absolutely nail hosting it so that wouldn’t be an awful outcome but considering the UK’s result this year the BBC must be serious and prepared to host it right?
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  4. I think Boris will magically make the money appear lol…
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  5. God. Thought of Boris being anywhere near Eurovision. Ugh. However I can imagine him wanting the positive press of offering to host on Ukraine’s behalf
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  6. I don't think it's necessarily just the money but also the effort to organise and manage, especially given the lukewarm reception Eurovision seems to get from the GP in recent years. People will watch it for a laugh but majority still see it as being terrible. Maybe this year will change that, who knows?

    Remember that this is the same BBC that until this year, wouldn't do an OUNCE of campaign or promotion for our own artist every single year.
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  7. I cannot wait to go back into work tomorrow and do the “I told you so” dance at literally everybody.
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  8. There's always next year.
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  9. it does feel like this years contest has had impact in the UK. And ratings have to be strong right?
  10. Eurovision had a peak audience share of 80.3% in the UK last night, and an average of 55.5%. In 2021, it had an average audience share of 48.5%. People are invested in it no matter what they say.
  11. the thing we forget is that it is a huge event. Even people who don’t actually have tickets to any of the performances will travel to it just to be there and hang out in the Eurovision village. It is still the most watched musical event of the year and will bring tourism in. Not to mention exposure if we pull off a good show.
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  12. Ratings were fantastic this year but again, people watch it for a laugh and to get pissed and not necessarily actually supporting it
  13. The UK not taking the opportunity to host would really surprise me. If they were serious about winning all of a sudden, surely they’d be serious about hosting? It’s an opportunity to showcase your country and if done well, it’ll help the UK continue their redemption arc.

    It would be better and fairer for it to be a Ukrainian show simply hosted in a “neutral” venue (even if that is in the UK), but I doubt that would happen.
  14. that is incredible! It still feels like a huge TV event in the UK.
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  15. Yeah, this year did feel different but usually whenever you mention Eurovision, most people groan

    I guess we'll see what happens soon
  16. I’ve re-listened to Ukraine’s song a few times, initially not liking it. But it’s really grown on me and the only thing I dislike about it now is the man with a lampshade on his head during their performance. It’s also a shame that you could barely see what was happening on the screen during their performance.
  17. Nothing else the BBC could put on the air on a Saturday night in May is going to do anything close to those numbers. Whether the viewers are die hard supporters, pissed-up hate watchers or people who couldn't find the remote after the FA Cup final is of absolutely no consequence.

    As long as there are that many eyeballs on it, regardless of how the UK does and irrespective of the discourse that gets wheeled out every year, it's not going anywhere.

  18. This is going to be interesting and once again EBU is not giving out clear informations.
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  19. What was this? Tweet is gone
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  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    How the fuck did Australia get 2nd in their semifinal?
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