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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. Another woman next year with the same authenticity and warmth instead of the prior few years of cold pop products, please!
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  2. I just saw all of this in a day and I came in here to say that I want the two wolves to rawr dawg me.
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  3. Have they released the breakdown of the televotes yet? I can’t seem to find it.
  4. Also, as a vegan LATVIA was robbed.
  5. Has anyone confirmed it’s Ben Adams yet?
  6. Everybody has stopped caring.
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  7. good night girls

  8. One of Hyyts made up the UK jury along with Denise from Five Star
  9. I came home from work and watched the results. I managed to catch our performance whilst at work, and knew we were one of the favourites.
    I was sat in my bedroom, and we started getting 10's and 12's and I went into the lounge where my mum was, and I said to her, we're 2nd and getting these 10's and 12's. Next thing I knew, we were 1st and said to her, well, I think you should start watching as we could be on to a good thing here! So, we watched the whole results (my mother was not happy that we were 1st for most of it, and then Serbia then Ukraine moved us down, and she didn't like how it was done. Me? Loved the drama of it all!)

    I'm honestly thrilled that we got 2nd. 1st of course would have been incredible, but considering the general consensus of how we have done in the past, we climbed the biggest mountain last night. It was such a thrill to watch how we were gaining all these points, and hearing the cheers and actually being interviewed and on the left-hand side, let alone at the bloody top of it!

    What an iconic moment for the UK!
  10. The medley we deserve next year.
  11. In the UK, the viewing average was 8.9 million. The peak was 10.6 million. 55.5% viewing share.

    By comparison, the football on ITV averaged 1.6 million.

    The gay agenda is in full force and working.
  12. Slomo is such a brilliant pop song, I could see one of the big pop girls releasing this.
  13. The flashing lights during the SloMo chorus work brilliantly and elevate the great performance even more. What a nice touch.

  14. The riggery and tasteless/problematic juries for both semi and grand finals, cysttt.

    This would’ve been my top five:

    1. Norway
    2. Spain
    3. Serbia
    4. Latvia
    5. Israel

    Honorable mentions:

    6. Ukraine
    7. San Marino

    Could’ve been great if it was performed tighter:

    8. Albania

    The rest were there.

    Congrats to Ukraine though - the chorus of that song is HAUNTING and has been stuck in my head since I first heard it.

    Can we do it all again next week? And please no more ballads on the show.
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  15. I have proper Eurovision blues now that it is over and done with for another year.

  16. Ew, no.
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  17. I am definitely struggling with the comedown, particularly as we (the UK) got such a great result this time for the first time in my adult life
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  18. I still have my flags up in my living room. I can‘t take them off yet.
  19. I love Norway (it was absurd and fun and catchy as fuck) and it’s my top five NOT YOURS.
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