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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. I definitely wouldn’t say that I’m pressed about Ukraine, nor am I pressed in post after post.
  2. For anyone who isn't ready for Eurovision season to end just yet, may I invite you to participate in the 3rd Popjustice Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest - where we will make our way through the rest of the songs that didn't win their respective national finals this season.

    Who will join Tamar Kaprelian and Aly Ryan as Champions of What Could Have Been??

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  3. All of these "millions and millions" of war refugees who lost nearly everything but who won't miss a beat in voting for their country in Eurovision
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  4. Will I get a "special thanks" credit for manifesting this?
  5. People were killed

  6. June 22nd should be declared a national holiday then!
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  7. [​IMG]
    This kween predicted it too!
  8. MARO's past work is beautiful. Also listening to daddy Alvan's new album and it's a mood.
  9. Sam has jumped up to No.2 in the mids and there are only 1,880 chart sales separating SPACE MAN from As It Was for the No.1 position.

    I hope Sam gets it.
  10. If Space Man was able to go number 1 it would be a devastating blow to the "Eurovision kills careers" crowd.
  11. I know the fair-weather viewers have vacated the sub forum for another year (thank God) but I wish you all the bandwidth to put the poppers aside for a sec and stream "De Diepte" x
  12. He


    Already 80 plays for SloMo, plus 20 views for the final performance.

    An icon.
  13. I've given him a couple of streams today, doing my bit

    Glad to see he'll join Scooch as a UK entry able to have a chart hit ...
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  14. Very tangential note resulting from my psych ward TV not leaving Rai Italia post-Eurovision: L'eredità is a fucking incredible gameshow and I wish the US still did them like that. The guillotine round is brutal. In general Italian TV has a very nice vibe.

    Anyway. Eurovision. I'm sad I'm still not sold on SloMo. Chanel certainly has a lot of potential and I'm excited to see what she does next.

    Wait @ France's hypnobop. I'm excited to go through your comments and fish out other performances to listen to that aren't Azerbaijan or Switzerland in between Ethel Cain listens.


  15. Daddy Alvan coming through with more bops as if I needed another reason to love this man.
  16. Not the King and Queen of Spain sending a congratulations letter to Chanel. Her power.
  17. De Diepte is my #2 this year. I truly believe she would have had a much better result, had she performed in the second half of the show and not squeezed in between Chanel and Kalush Orchestra. Still, one of the best songs I have heard this year, ESC or not.
  18. The acoustic girlies all kind of killed it this year, I've even been stanning that Armenia entry that no one else seemed to like.

  19. If this would have been her ESC performance she‘d be 5 places higher.
  20. Chanel turning public hatred in Spain into public stanning purely by talent and sheer force of will. No one can resist her star power
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