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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. It's funny to me how everyone who wasn't Spanish basically knew Chanel would be a sensation in Turin, but the Spanish public hated her for beating their faves in Benidorm Fest and couldn't see the bigger picture. To an outsider, it was so obvious she would do well. Glad they're finally coming around and giving her the hero treatment she deserves.
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  2. During the past few days, I keep returning to these two certified bops and obsessing over the singers:

    They really nicely round up my top 5 of this year alongside Lithuania, Serbia and Iceland. (France, Spain and Austria are close behind)
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  3. the way she was THE moment
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  4. My most streamed songs post-competition are:

    1) France
    2) Sweden
    3) Romania
    4) Cyprus
    5) Italy
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  5. Enjoying an internal sob to Hold Me Closer even though I have never been in the situation described in the song
  6. Me since last Saturday:

  7. I






    Maybe this should’ve been the winner.
  8. MB


    I can't believe the last UK Eurovision #1 was Gina G in 1996. Hopefully Sam joins Gina.
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  9. The UK going from embarrassing last position finish to a no1 song the following year would be such #Eurovisionjustice.
  10. The Cyprus official video is SO visually pleasing. Absolutely gorgeous.

  11. I just know the stand-in was living:

  12. All I see now when I close my eyes is Chanel and her gays writhing under the flashing lights.
  13. This is an interesting graph, depicting how televoting and jury points were spread out:

    Iceland is the only country that had a perfect 50/50 ratio, though France and Spain were evidently close.
  14. She’s a talent! Maro has such a promising career.
  15. Finally made it through 100+ posts.

    Conclusions: too many of you voted for Lithuania and lost your potential likes
    Some people are saying repeatedly that SloMo isn't a bop?


    Super happy with my decision to watch on delay Sunday afternoon Malaysia-time!

    Towards the end of the voting at my party we got a few walk-ins who were passing the bar. After the results I went to talk to them and found out there was a Ukrainian couple who had left the country just 3 months earlier.

    It added an extra element to celebrate the result with them, and after the show I passed her the mic and lined up Shum, which she sang while her hubbie breakdanced during the instrumental breakdown - it was quite an unforgettable moment.
  16. Now why wasn’t I invited to this EurovisionKL party, sis?


    Welcome back, by the by!
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  17. If I'd thought you were in KL I would have invited you!

  19. I'm so tired - is it fucking Eurovision 2023 yet????? --second post--
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  20. You're in for a hard couple of months, babe
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