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Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. That's what the juries thought too, only for the EBU to step in at the last moment and reveal that they knew what had been going on.

    Still think they should have given those countries 0-0 as punishment, if only because that would have been funny.
  2. Any chance of non-UK entries entering the charts tomorrow?
  3. Disappointing the EBU didn't use the automatic aggregate replacement scoring (which I still don't understand) to sneakily bump up some bops.
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  4. That is really hardcore proof and I am glad they communicated it like that. Guess they wanted to wait a few days so it wouldn‘t overshadow the contest. In the end only hardcore fans will know about this scandal.

    They could have informed the countries a bit sooner but I have to laugh that all these countries screamed: No look we wanted to
    give our 12 points to… in the final. When in the end it was all about the semi final.

    I am glad they caught that but what are the real consequences now? They have to look at the jury voting, admit it and then it‘s done?

    What about other agreements that surely exist just not as obvious? „Hey let‘s rank each other in the lower Top 10“ or „Let‘s rank someone with a similiar song outside our top10“. Does that get caught too?

    And this is why Jurys are not a good idea. Maybe we should not get rid of them totally.

    But reduce their power.

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  5. Thank goodness I didn’t hear about this until today, because I would have stretched the limit of what Anything means…

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  6. Okay, so the EBU has someone look over what people give points to and then groups countries together. Here's this year's:

    Then when creating the semi-finals they draw from each of these pots. That splits up the blocs a bit. You'll never see all Balkans in the same semi, but with only two semis, some will be in together and give each other points.
    (The big five + host sit in their own pot)

    Then the emergency backup jury will look at the valid results from the others in your pot.
    So if we're scoring Albania for Israel, we'll look at Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine.

    Let's say they rank it: AM - 13, AZ - 17, GE - 14, UA - 16
    So looking at the averages, you would expect Israel to place Albania around 15th. Do this with the other songs and you'll get maybe Albania in 15th, Azerbaijan at 16,5th and San Marino in 16,75th. Obviously you can't rank anything in a decimal place, but here you'd have this section of the ranking as
    Armenia > Azerbaijan > San Marino

    It would be better with a full example, but that would require more calculation, so I won't do that.
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  7. Ukraine will enter the official Dutch top 40 at 38 tomorrow, UK, Sweden and Spain pop up in the bubbling under/tip chart! And: s10 is the new number one!
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  8. The official Dutch? We have like 5 charts…
  9. Wel... only one official top 40 though
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  11. Mess @ Cyprus going even lower with the new estimates. Did Andromache just do terribly on the Jury show?
  12. So Brooke was screwed either way? Mess.
  13. This sort of shenanigans isn't just about putting some countries high (which is where the focus understandably is in trying to 'fix' qualification), it's also about deliberately putting some countries low. I think Brooke was always going to struggle with the juries but as a borderline in the odds etc... I wouldn't be surprised if some of these states made conscious decisions to keep her out the running.
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  14. They were just too scared Brooke could win so they manipulated her semi.
  15. Rob


    I love this theory that Brooke didn't qualify because of the juries and not because we only got about 30 points from televoting.
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  16. The 6 probably rigged that too with subliminal propaganda messaging. Only possible explanation....
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  17. I mean, she was #11 in the public vote, so she could have passed with some support from the juries. Same goes for Cyprus, both might have passed if the juries hadn't bombed them.
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