Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Ladies, after living some months with all of the Eurovision 2022 songs, these are my final favorites taking in consideration song + performance:

1 Spain - SloMo.
2 Romania - Llamame.
3 Portugal - Saudade, Saudade.

4 Cyprus - Ela.
5 Armenia - Snap.

6 Czech Republic - Lights Off.
7 Ukraine - Stefania.
8 Sweden - Hold Me Closer.
9 Norway - Give that wold a banana.
10 Molvova - Trenuletul.
The only song I’ve taken from this year is Slomo and honestly what an absolute bop!

The big pop girls wish they had a song as good as this.

I'd say Slomo is inspired by stuff the big pop girls have already done. And previous Eurovision entries too.
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Snap is cute and all, but I really do not understand the kids snapping this one up (hehehe) they way they do! Rosa Linn is really sweet, so good for her of course!