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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. I'm not totally sure, but I imagine it's just a music video. Especially because he's from a pretty conservative country I think!
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  2. Snap is cute and all, but I really do not understand the kids snapping this one up (hehehe) they way they do! Rosa Linn is really sweet, so good for her of course!
  3. Her song is recently popped up in reels ig.
  4. Snap is a lost smash, to be honest - she deserves high placings all around the world.

  5. Maybe she snapped
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. It is a very beige, radio, spotify track. So no that surprised.
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  8. Snap sounds exactly like something that would become a hit in the UK with locals. Sounds like it was genetically designed to be in British adverts.
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  9. Snap is currently at #26 in the UK chart.
  10. Out of all the Eurovision songs by female artists this year, Snap is probably the worst. Why couldn't it be That's Rich going viral instead...
  11. Not the Vanilla Princess Emma Muscat erasure!
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  12. S4C’s boardroom:
  13. I saw Konstrakta live last tonight. She was great, she has a great stage presence, she truly owns it. Plus, in her solo songs you can't truly hear but on Zemlja Gruva songs, her vocal shines through.
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  14. Ukraine coming for the ESC/JESC double?

  15. I guess not. They chose this:

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  16. That's not a contender for win, but still a nice song to hear though.
  17. It's Top 10 in Germany now. I wonder if that's the biggest "discrapency" between an ESC song's chart performance and their result in the actual contest.
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  18. Netherlands JESC 2022 song slaps!

  19. Anyone seeing Cornelia in London on Wednesday?
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