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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. Girlies, I really want to score some tickets to watch Eurovision live next year. Any hints of when are the tickets going on sale?

    Plus, I have made a little research and found out the announcement dates of the previous host cities.

    2020 - August 30.
    2019 - September 13.
    2018 - July 25.
    2017 - September 9.
    2016 - July 8.

    ...following this pattern, we should not be far from a message spoken out by our dear RAI.
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  2. Raffaella Carra has passed away (RIP) :(
  3. Oh no, RIP

    I know people wanted her to host ESC22.
  4. Fuck my life. Why??? I really wanted to finally see her.... Fuck :(
  5. Here's the queen as the Italian voting spokesperson in 2011.

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  6. The Director-General of Rai 1 confirmed his personal plan was to have her present both Sanremo and Eurovision but there wasn't time even for preliminary talks, no one knew she was battling an illness. It's all so fucking heartbreaking.
  7. Next year, there must be at least one interval act devoted entirely to Raffaella. I will also accept all of them being Raffaella tributes.
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  8. In update news:
    17 Italian cities have applied to host.
    Mahmood being the usual thirst trap.

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  9. Ladies, please @ at me as soon as the host city is announced to book something decent. If someone wants me to do the same, I'll happily do it too.
  10. Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rimini and Pesaro have been shortlisted in the race to host Eurovision 2022. Most notably Rome is out and therefore Netta remains the queen of failing to predict Eurovision host cities.

    My bet is that it'll be Milan.
  12. So I just flew from Greece over Italy and I realized how close Rimini is to San Marino.

    Let them host there so whatever Legend represents San Marino has a short distance.
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  13. It has to be Milan or Turin at this point. I don't see any of the others getting it.
  14. The Rimini airport even has its own San Marino custom area.
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  15. Greece send her next year challenge
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  16. What on earth is happening? They're taking their sweet time to announce the host city.
  17. Rumours say it will be announced tomorrow.
  18. Well it is RAI.
  19. Not really. Rotterdam was around the same time in 2019.
  20. I am patiently waiting for the announcement of the host city so that I can finally cancel all of my random bookings in various Italian cities on multiple weekends in May.
    My poor credit card…That was even strange for They sent me an e-mail and asked me to check my bookings and cancel those which I don’t need anymore.
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