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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. Every song released from now on could participate for next year.
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  2. It's starting.
  3. That's lovely. Where are the dates, RAI?
  4. Wondering how many days (weeks) (months) after 15 September that the UK will take to announce their act, having wasted all of the time up until then that could have gone to promo/buzz building.
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  5. Good for her, I guess.
  6. If RAI does not announce anything today, Italy will be the most delayed host country to announce the city & dates of the last 6 years:

    2020 - August 30.
    2019 - September 13.
    2018 - July 25.
    2017 - September 9.
    2016 - July 8.
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  7. We know what a mess 2019 was backstage sos.
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  8. I would love for a revival of the 1991 postcards to be a thing, if not on the show, at least as online content.

  9. It’s HAPPENING!!!!!

    -cue another 8 weeks of silence-
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  10. Picking a host city was easier back when the contest was cancelled due to COVID 19 than it is when Italy is hosting
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  11. What a bunch of shit. This is going to be the most delayed Eurovision city announcement of the last 2 decades.
  12. Not all the Rome 1991 traumas coming back to haunt EBU.
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  13. Well I guess we set a new record!!!
  14. Honestly I assumed they were delaying any official announcements for as long as possible such that they have more time to see how COVID plays out?
  15. I believe its the latest announcement since 2011, which was in October
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  16. So Evangelina Fotia has submitted a song to the 2022 Greek preselection.

    And Cyprus has announced that they will choose their 2023 representative via a Panik Records-sanctioned talent show!
  17. I can‘t at 2023 plans already while BBC is probably opening their Eurovision folder in Ferbruay next year.
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  18. Meanwhile we're still waiting for a host city announcement huh?

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  19. Apparently so far 54 songs have been submitted to the San Marino preselection on the first day alone and 40% are from Sweden.
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