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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. My boss who is not a Eurovision fan somehow already heard Italy‘s song already and said it‘s good.

    This worries me alot. I can see it winning.
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  2. Played the Thats Rich performance for some locals and… they liked it. Cmon Derry 2023

  3. Russian military radio frequency was hacked to play Dancing Lasha Tumbai.

  4. Panties soaked
    Bussy vibrating
    Pheromones exhausted
  5. The demo for Greece's entry-

    This could really be a moment, looking forward to hearing the final version.
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  6. How the memory of an Ukrainian singer representing Russia in an Eurovision held in Moscow with a song in both Russian and Ukrainian seems now not only distant but almost unreal.

  7. This year will be a Ukraine vs. Italy situation for the win, that's pretty clear. I do believe I want to see Ukraine succeeding in order to make a brave, bold statement in Europe's name.
  8. With the latest developments you have to think this was really calculated to be Ukraine = Russia.
  9. It's possible. She's even singing about how she should have listened to her mother. (Which of course brings the Mother Russia epithet to mind.)
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  10. My first Eurovision "content"!

  11. Finally! We’ve been waiting 15 years for this.
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  12. Rumour has it we've gone to Milanov for a completely new song.

    Praying that both Warner Italia and the PBS have ditched Out of Sight for good.
  13. Surely they’ve taken note of the less than lukewarm reaction to the song so here’s hoping!
  14. If they don’t cold open with Nicole then everyone involved needs sacking….

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  15. Jamala will perform at the german preselection this Friday.
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  16. Tonight is Beovizija and Angelina said if she wins...she will add 30 seconds to Origami which I really need it!
    Not sure how to share this
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  17. I think they've pretty much cleared the path for Sara Jo, the semifinal she's in is basically a wasteland. She's also done the most promo and is pretty much a pre-determined winner in the media. Semi 1 has a decent set of possible finalists, and I'd be happy with any lady winning, literally anyone other than The Homophobe will do.
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  18. [​IMG]
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