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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. Still no host city news? RAI fucked EBU again?
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  2. What‘s going on?
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  3. I think it's a great idea to reveal where the host city is live at the first semi final. It will be very exciting.
  4. Not quite, allow people to buy tickets then reveal the venue half an hour before the show starts.
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  5. Or don't and take everybody there in blindfolds. Very dramatic.
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  6. Eurovision Secret Song Contest 2020 - Live from somewhere in Italy - We will not tell you where it's being held!
  7. On the heels of the Eurovision movie, Netflix is cross-promoting again and will be retrieving the contestants “Squid Game”-style - knock them out with sleeping gas and deliver them directly to the arena.
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  8. RAI must think that Eurovision will be hosted in 2023 given how Rotterdam 2020 was hosted in 2021. Somebody let them know the pandemic isn't affecting shows anymore.
  9. Italian media say it's gonna be Turin, even though there's not the final word from RAI it's almost certain. It's a beautiful city so book your hotels eurohunties!

    EDIT: Ok it's official, the major of Turin announced it.
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  10. Turin confirmed. Finally.

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  11. C'mon, ladies! Let's get booking!

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  12. Booked my hotel already didn't I panini
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  13. KALOMIRA????

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  14. Can someone explain how ticketing (for the main event) works? I've heard it's a mess?
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  16. I’ve never been and would also love to get tickets. Is it a complete nightmare?
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  17. Yes.
  18. Yes it is. I was so lucky last year too to get em from someone working there. God bless.
  19. Fucking finally. How do we get tickets for the final, ladies? --sad face--
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