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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.



  2. After watching this yesterday (with subtitles), I can now say this is a Konstrakta stan account


    Thanks @Maki for showing me the video!

  3. I will not let you forget about this queen!
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  4. Greece is giving me some “Born To Die” era production values and I’m totally here for it
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  5. If it‘s for Eurovision why not say that?

    If it‘s not why release a new single now?!
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  6. Malta are aggravating each and every year nn!
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  7. DAS


    I was hoping for a Chameleon/Run to the Hills/Female Ritmu esque bop from Emma. I Am What I Am sounds like a run of the mill peace ballad. She’s so talented so I’m unsure why she isn’t sticking to her usual style for her Eurovision entry. Hoping I’ll be able to be pleasantly surprised on Monday though
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  8. (They should have just sent Aidan)
  9. I'm half-watching the Portuguese and Icelandic finals, and wow, I can't believe Coco Peru's younger sister is competing in Portugal.

    Edit: The host introducing a band called Maro by saying "It's-a me, Maro"... incredible.
  10. Maro's performance was a whole lot better than the heat. The changes really elevated the song.
  11. Iceland:
  12. The "three girls with acoustic guitars" act winning in Iceland... guess they really want to come last.
  13. Reported
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  14. Shame that Daughters of Reykjavik didn’t win :(
  15. Not me rooting for Coco's sister to win.
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  16. I am glad they did not win, it was too noisy for my liking. The Icelandic Common Linnets was the best choice!
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  17. Ok :(
  18. Jesus Christ, is Portugal ever going to close voting?
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