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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

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    So much worse.
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  2. Really unimpressed with the entries this year - so many 'meh' songs that don't leave any impression.
    Poland for me is easily the best song. Hell, even UK is in my Top 3 this year!
  3. The Israeli instrumental is so busy yet still sounds unfinished - talent!

  4. Sigh, this has Warner Italia all over it.
  5. It's very The Mamas
  6. I'm here to stan Greece.

    Plzzz don't overcook the staging a la Katherine Duska. We need controlled drama
  7. I need you to move to the Balkans already, Quadrilateral! You'd be eating good.
  8. I listen to Mahmood a lot and I am fully here for him returning to Eurovision but did he really have to choose a ballad when his discography is stacked with bops? Gay injustice.
  9. The way I break my boonchie to the last minute of Milano Good Vibes EVERY TIME
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  10. This year was shaping up to be boring at first but there are so many great songs now. I have an appreciation for female singers and bops but... some of you REALLY need to expand your horizons.

    I know Malta's first song didn't get a great reception, but I really liked it. This new one is quite terrible.
  11. I'm so disappointed with Greece's entry.

    Also, weren't there rumours about Josephine representing Cyprus or Greece? What happened?

    I hope next year Greece will make the right choice for once and send Charis.

    "Ela" is amazing, Andromachi is a queen.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Song and video are giving low range skincare brand
  14. Greece sending Charis is near-impossible right now because a) she's Cypriot and b) she's with Panik. Someone in my GC said that she was veto'd this year by Cyprus, but that's not verified.

    She's also not a particularly strong performer from what I've seen, but then again, Stefania, Amanda and Katerine weren't particularly experienced either.

    I don't think it's on the cards right now as her star is still rising in Greece and Cyprus, but I can see her doing it in the future once she wants to go international (a la Foureira).
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  15. I really like the new Emma Muscat song but I was also a big fan of The Mamas. Parts of it remind me of an Ace of Base song.

    the Isreal revamp - ever continuing in the unpopular camp, I really like the original and played it quite a bit. This revamp is a bit meh.
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  16. What do you mean she's Cypriot? Eleftheria Eleftheriou is also Cypriot yet she represented Greece back in the day. As for the Panik thing, I read this rumour that they have a contract with the Cypriot Eurovision team, hence all these Panik acts. That's what you had in mind, right?

    Yeah, she's not the best performer out there, but she has a dope voice and she's extremely charismatic. I don't understand why they're sleeping on her. Do you have any tea about Panik's plans for her? I see she's only doing gigs with Nikos Vertis and that's pretty much it. Sadly. Not even one song per year...

    Josephine... I legit thought the Mad performance with Efendi last year was her "test" and she failed it and that's why she didn't get to go to Eurovision this year. It looks like I was wrong oh well.
  17. The official video for SloMo is so embarrassing. It’s giving Ministry of Sound/AATL video from the mid noughties.

    The director was incompetent, too. The shots cut at random places totally incongruent with the song.

    chanel girl I’m so sorry
  18. Honestly just scrap it and make the national final performance the official video.
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  19. I think the staging potential for Greece is immense
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