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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. One step is to be a memeber of an Ogae club, the ESC fanclubs. Problem is that there are much more members than tickets for them. If you get picked to buy tickets usually you can buy a set for all live shows there.

    Otherwise just very good luck. Getting tickets to the final itself is almost impossible.

    If you REALLY want to go try to get tickets for the semi finals first, cause most people will try to get tickets for the final. Then you can go to the city, experience the live shows and watch the final for example at a big public viewing. That‘s what I did for Lisbon for example.

    There are also jury live shows a day before the televised shows, that‘s the same show and the jurys vote on that one. Much easier to get tickets for that. You can still experience everything live and watch the show somewhere.

    There is also a family show on the afternoon before the live shows, but as said it‘s full of kids and the artists usually save a bit of their energy.

    Of course some resell the tickets but some countries put your name on it (but never controlled it so far) so there is a risk it‘s fake.

    I think since it‘s Italy there will be a huge demand.
  2. I went in 2016 to Stockholm and had no problem getting tickets. Went to both live semi finals, the jury final and the grand final and had no problems at all? But then I suppose that was a few years ago and I haven't tried since. Perhaps it's got more difficult over the years?
  3. Sadly it has.

    It also really depends on the ticket seller but usually the demand is just too high.
  4. Yes. I got extremely lucky with my tickets for Lisbon and that whole system was a mess
  5. I booked hotels in Rome, Milan and Turin months ago for several weekends in May, so at least I got this done and can now plan a nice long weekend in Turin (I have never been there). I won’t even try to get tickets because we are a group of 4 people and it’s just too stressful to worry about that. I’d rather see the show at a public viewing in Turin with cute gays around me. Who wants to join?
  6. Montenegro confirmed that it will return in 2022.
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  7. Awesome.

    While Bosnia & Herzegovina said they won‘t return.
  8. Sad for Bosnia. I was hoping 2022 would be the year they return.

    Happy for Montenegro. Send Ksenija Knezević with a bop, please. Thanks.
  9. Who's going to handle the ticket selling this year?
  10. Just in case you hadn't already memorised all of the Hamilton Travel adverts.
  11. The participating countries will be revealed today at noon CEST (ten minutes to go!)
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  12. Spoiler: only two countries return
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  13. Armenia is back? Bop!
  14. 10,12 and 14th of May here we come!
  15. Shame the UK is returning
  16. I really believe getting tickets to Eurovision needs to be manifested. I had no trouble in 2016, and got lucky in 2018 with a friend ending up first in the queue. I had my whole office trying. That's the point really, get a team to help, keep trying all day as tickets go back on sale all the time.

    Also consider paying over the odds on resale. It is what it is, and I'll do it to get there. Keep positive, it's not impossible!
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  17. And where do we get them this year?
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