Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Oehooooooooooooooo ahaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Hier in de diepte hoor ik steeds maar weer je naam
Oehooooooooooooooo ahaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Oh mijn lief wat moet ik nou

I think it's a fantastic year. I feel sorry for everyone thinking otherwise. It's not as 'pop banger' as a lot of 2021, but as usual we've still got a fantastic mix, with many gems.

Also there's really no clear winner and I expect a lot to change in terms of favorites. Exciting!

Bulgaria paying people on Cameo to say they like Intention is really straddling the line between tragic and iconic.
He's very attractive, but this song is so dreary. Can someone explain to me why Ukraine is favourite? I get that they'll get some sympathy votes etc, but the song is not even slightly good.
I think it's an amazing song, definitely in my Top 3 so I totally don't mind them winning even if it's mostly due to symphaty votes!
Eh, I'm not sure that's exactly what needs to be done. Why not cancel the entire contest then? It's pointless knowing the winner in advance, no matter the circumstances. Especially for a festival that prides itself in barring political tracks from participating. It obviously can't exist in a vacuum, but come on...
Thing is, unless the juries do stiff Ukraine's entry, it will win the public vote by a landslide, I think. Its winning odds are huge at the moment (almost triple than Vrividi's).
If Ukraine wins I think they'll partner with another country to host - just like the plan has always been for Australia (and San Marino I think).

I believe Germany is always floating about as a potential "surrogate" contest host.