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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. I’m kinda annoyed and bloody impatient that Amanda Tenfjord isn’t doing any parties. I need to see some kind of performance before May!
  2. Not relevant to this year but seeing as they were at London Party I need to restate how much I loved Eye Cue's Lost and Found. Shame it was such a disaster live and in a very tough semi.
  3. With the almost total lack of bops this year I feel she could score very well if she plays her cards and strengths right.
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  4. Guess no one tried to get tickets today?
  5. I did, and the Eurovision gods were smiling down. Bagged two final seats in the most incredible location, 2nd row from front next to the green room / stage. Elated!! Also got tickets to the second semi final.


  6. Chanel - SloMo (Unidos por Ucrania).
  7. I did and flopped miserably
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  8. I tried to get tickets and failed.
  9. Anyone watching the Israel Calling event? Some revamps here and there, and quite a lot of delegations, but the non-performance sections and the Israeli representative always being 200% extra... when did they decide to make "cringe" their entire Eurovision brand?
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  10. I was rooting for you.
  11. Find the notes and key sis...
  12. why does this happen with songs i like
  13. Oh no - this is my favourite
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  14. Oh wow that is terrible. I wasn't expecting it to be great but fuck me. I love the song and is one of my favourites this year. Expecting heavy backing vox on this or can they replace the singer?
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  15. Lum!x trying to find another singer called Pia Maria.

    Maybe she had some technical issues but still. Why they picked an unexperienced singer I will never know.

    Let‘s hope they hear the feedback and work on it.
  16. Konstrakta's performance felt rough and buggy, some technical issues there as well, but it was... less than expected. The crowd response, though? Brilliant.
    The official album is available for purchase starting today! As usual, we only get the Karaoke on streaming ":("
  17. I'm living for the backing vocals in Die Together


  18. [​IMG]

    I do see something here but the song is still so tripe, uh.
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