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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. Yeah from that clip, it certainly doesn't sound like a flop non qualifier. So we'll see!
  2. I only watched the first 45 mins or so and the Sofia Vergara-Borat hybrid host Shefita was pretty funny. I laughed out loud multiple times and that almost never happens during Eurovision itself. Now I see everyone is complaining about her online. What happened later or can't we enjoy a sometimes crass sense of humor?
  3. nnñ having such easy access to this is gonna be... dangerous every time I get a couple of glasses of wine in me

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  4. Will we only get the playlist on Apple Music instead of the official album? I want to listen to the ESC versions on streaming. For example Italy.

  5. Well the vocals shouldn't be an issue at all, I'm convinced this is a potential winner if they get the staging right.
  6. I feel like I'm the only one who likes this song, 1 of my favorites this year (+ I love her voice).
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  8. I'm sorry, but I believe a song called 'Die Together' is out of touch considering today's world climate. This should not have any business at the top half of the board.
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  9. I can’t believe people can get so easily triggered by a song title that they are taking it completely out of context.
  10. Malta’s song is actually one of my favourites this year!
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  11. Yes, people can get easily triggered by that. Life is not easy for some nowadays.
  12. This feels depressing rather than moving, to me. Agreed a song called about dieing isn't really the vibe right now.

    I can't see this in the top 10.
  13. I'll DM her and see if she'll change it to Live Forever.
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  14. I was waiting for the Mamas to join her on stage.
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  15. In 2001, no-one batted an eyelid for Greece sending a song called "I Would Die For You", and despite being still months away from 9/11, the world's climate was already messy.
  16. Plus 1944 was a depressing song. And people remember Arcade as „Loving you is a loosing game“, not happy either.
  17. Based on the karaoke tracks, Norway is already stretching the concept of 'background vocals' very thin so why shouldn't Austria too.
  18. Die Together is performed like it's a depressing song but lyrically it actually isn't. It's about staying together despite having some struggles. It's one of those 'nothing can tear us apart' type songs. It's weirdly an uplifting song. The presentation is dour though.
  19. Queen Georgina has picked her winner...

    That sound is the pitch whooshing right over her head. Several times. Bless.
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