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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jamie, May 23, 2021.

  1. Yeah I’m manifesting an Ireland qualification.
  2. Obviously not another day without some drama. Andrea from North Macedonia threw away her flag on the carpet while posing on the carpet yesterday.

    Well the TV broadcaster finds that disrespectful so they are considering to withdraw her ddd.

    She even had to go to live tv yesterday and appologize but no decision has been made yet.
  3. Chanel not only deserves the win but also a global break due to her being an excellent, almost J.Lo levels of performer in her first experience.

    But I will settle for the win.
  4. In 36 hours I'll be at the first semi final

  5. Jury Semi1 show tonight girls. Let‘s hope the right ones slay.

  6. Manifesting Pia Mia qualification
  7. Le roi has spoken

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  9. Brooke has come a long way since that awkward pajama NF performance, hasn't she?
  10. I've had that stupid chorus stuck in my head for weeks now.
  11. Portugal hasn't clicked at all for me. I'm struggling with them being 11th in the odds, it's definitely a potential shock NQ.
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  12. I really don't like the song, but still hoping it makes the final just so I can have extra drama on Saturday
  13. I watched the dress rehearsal from the arena and the interval performances for semi 1 are STUNNING.
  14. More importantly: is Rumore part of the Raffaella tribute?
  15. It's rare when I get to applaud a vocal performance in an uptempo banger but Chanel's vocal runs at the end of SloMo sound amazing. She's just as much of a vocalist as she is a dancer.
  16. No, the tribute is part of the Dardust segment, Laura does a little tribute afterwards in the script.
  17. Eaux...
  18. Ronela slayed the jury performance while Switzerland bummed their high note. Very good.
  19. The Swiss song is so uneventful, I do not even recall there being a high note in there...
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  20. [​IMG]
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