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Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, May 16, 2022.

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    Let me know your wild speculations and conjecture in the comments below!
  2. After 4 of the big 5 have been in the top3 in the past two editions, can Germany actually do it in 2023?
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  3. I've still got 90 pages of the ESC 2022 thread to get through first!
  4. I gave up on the 2021 thread when I was that far behind.
  5. When do we think we'll actually know which country will be hosting this?
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  6. Rumour has it that Poli Genova wants to compete for Bulgaria once more.

    Be afraid.

    Can they? Yes. Will they? No.
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  7. For 2023, I want my country to FINALLY send a female bop to Eurovision (Chanel, Albina, Eleni, Hurricane style). But with the current selection committee, it will not happen, and we'll get a white male ballad, I am sure.
  8. I think around September the host city has to be announced but in this situation I don‘t think they will wait that long as they need a back up.
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  9. Laura Põldvere to return for her third Eurovision trip to Ukraine.
  10. My guess is each country that is bidding will also bid with a venue so we will get the host country and host venue at the same time. Otherwise, it would take too long and the host wouldn't have time to organize things.
  11. Les Pays-Bas:

    You have them already!

  12. Yeah I am sure EBU is talking with other potential cities already just to be prepared. The question is when will Ukraine be ok saying it should be in another country.
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  13. Poli: We should totally do a song together for next year.
    Philipp: Omg I would love that but will they even let me cross the border since I'm a Putin apologist? ":-("
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  14. misscatylove will win with outro

    chisinau 2024 i am afraid
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  15. I remember that the old rules were asking each country starting from the one that placed 2nd. So if that is still the way BBC should be the first one up.
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  16. After this year's result we're getting soul-devouring ballads from Albania for another 10-15 years.

  17. So far Spain, Sweden broadcasters have offered to host. The city of Turin also expressed willing to host again since everything's already in place there. But I have a feeling the BBC will bring it to the UK
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  18. Well, not everything
  19. RAI needs to stay away from hosting for another 30 years.
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  20. Fixed
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