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Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, May 16, 2022.

  1. Gives them double the chance to mess it even more up, dear Lord.
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  2. All that energy just for a 3-point televote score in the semi final.
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  3. Slovenia confirmed participation for 2023 but considered withdrawing.
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  4. Any info why?
  5. I guess the usual finances/poor results. Alenka Gotar (2007), who currently presides the music commission of RTVSLO's program council, posted in her social media that they were considering withdrawing back in the spring and that her commission convinced them not to.
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  6. Down to top 2: Glasgow or Liverpool

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  7. Come on Glasgow!
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  8. Is there any tea on dates for next year?
  9. Nothing concrete, but hotels across Glasgow are astronomically expensive the weekend of 20th May (the day of my 30th!) so it’s looking likely it’ll be that weekend which would line up with previous years.
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  10. Ddd I have never been more glad I booked a hotel so far in advance looking at the prices Glasgow is now coming up at.

    Gutted it’s not Manchester but at least if it’s Liverpool I’ll only have to fork out for transport rather than transport and a hotel.
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  11. Why would hotel prices in Glasgow dictate the date chosen for Eurovision? Am I missing something...?
  12. Nobody is suggesting hotel prices are dictating when Eurovision is, just that based on the fact most hotels have been booked up that weekend/jacked up the prices, that there’s confidence from both fans and businesses that it will be the weekend of the 20th. It’s usually mid-May and an average of the last 20 years or so would give you a date of May 17th so it being the weekend closest to that date makes sense. I presume we’ll get a confirmed date when they announce the host city.
  13. I just wouldn't draw any conclusions from things like this. More people have bet on those dates sure, but that doesn't make them any more likely than other May dates - it will come down to requirements from the host city and venue itself rather than what fans/hotels thought.
  14. Isn’t part of the bidding process that you can guarantee a certain number of hotel rooms for delegations etc.? So it could just be a clue if prices are up during a particular span, because a big chunk of available spaces were already spoken for.

    Although now that I say this, I remember that the delegations show up weeks before for rehearsals and press, so one week of overbookings might not make for the full story.
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  15. Olly Murs has announced a tour and his Liverpool date would be smack bang in the middle of rehearsals/set up etc. It’s possible he just accidentally leaked that Glasgow is hosting nn.
  16. So sad that's the way we find out.

    Though 21st April in Glasgow doesn't leave much space for building a stage and rehearsing for anything other than late May...
  17. Might mean nothing at the same time though as I doubt even important people and the people that need to know know whether it’s Glasgow or Liverpool yet till the announcement tonight anyway. They’ll just ask Olly to move his date if Liverpool win tonight
  18. They usually need to have 5 or 6 weeks to prepare so even if it is Glasgow that would be ESC at the very very end of May or even in June so he will have to move one of the dates anyway.
  19. [​IMG]

    We'll know in 2 and a bit hours anyway. Honestly wish Liverpool had been ruled out last round cos coming 2nd is going to hurt the most.
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