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Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, May 16, 2022.

  1. Why would Australia bow out? I thought the competition attracted strong ratings in Australia and that's why they are there.
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  2. I won’t claim to have any amount of knowledge about European geopolitics, but I thought one of the major justifications for the juries was to try to counteract some of those issues. It doesn’t surprise me when, I dunno, the Swedish public votes for Norway, or when the Armenian public doesn’t vote for Azerbaijan - the juries shouldn’t also do that automatically though.
  3. The „problem“ is the jury are just people too.

    If Sweden sends an artist that is known in Norway or if Serbia sends someone popular in Croatia, of course the jury will vote for them too. Also neighbour countries often share similiar styles, influences and likes.

    Except for Ukraine and Sweden we had a different winning country for many years.
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  4. How often do we see Cyprus jury giving 12 to Greece or Scandinavian juries trading points? The thought behind it was great, but the execution has left a lot to be desired. The jury system is a hotbed for corruption. I think the EBU finds it easier to axe them than to reform them. Which is a shame because a reformed jury could be quite beneficial.
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  5. Let’s just sequester the juries for the entire Eurovision season and only show them clips of performances without country attribution!!
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  6. I like that idea but nothing forbids the jury to check out the songs before and see who is singing for who.

    That‘s also a problem for the jury. They can check out youtube views, betting odds or forums beforehand and be influenced. Although I don‘t think many do that.
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  7. I personally don’t mind the public vote having a slightly higher influence on the outcome than the juries’ vote. But if that is such a huge concern, I suppose one easy solution would be for the producers to select 5 Eurovision fans to serve as the “Rest of World” jury. And since I came up with the idea I will be one of them thankyou.
  8. Then again...

  9. All the changes announced are good. I’m… happy
  10. What do we think are the odds of Ukraine winning easily again?
  11. I think it's likely, especially if the war is still going on.
  12. Vidbir 2023 songs are out.

    Jerry Heil for the win.
  13. When God Shut the Door is brilliant - can see it winning Vidbir and doing very well at ESC too.

    Otherwise the FIINKA song stood out on first listen.
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  14. I'll go for KRUTЬ and OY Sound System.
    Jerry Heil's song kinda sounds like the War edit of Roxolana's GIRLS. Definitely a nice song and I'm pretty sure that she'd do well at ESC but I can't pass the similarities.
    And I simply fully pass FIINKA.
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. I hope Ukraine doesn't win again, unless it's a really fantastic song. Like, winning this year made sense, but if they win again next year I'm sure a lot of people/countries reactions are going to be a mix of "so much for Eurovision not being political" and "why even bother participating?", which is not good for the future of the contest.
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  17. I don‘t think they‘ll win unless they have a fantastic song/staging/performance.

    The war was fresh this past May but now it has taken a toll on all of us.
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  18. I truly believe only a handful of countries actually want to win at the moment.
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