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Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, May 16, 2022.

  1. And Cyprus is going straight back to by the numbers Swedish bops. And France is locking up its regions and wheeling out the Eiffel Tower again.
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  2. TVP (Polish national TV station) have also expressed interest in hosting next year. I tremble at the idea of Ida Nowakowska and Rafał Brzozowski hosting.
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  3. I can’t wait for it already! I’m feeling the post-Eurovision blues so bad right now.

    With all respect to Ukraine, I hope they’re not going to try to host it next year. If Italy - a Big 5 country with all the experience of Sanremo - can screw it up so much, I dread to think what it would be like in a war zone! And really, Ukraine should be investing their money and resources in rebuilding people’s homes; not renovating a stadium.

    I do fear it is going to be very tricky for any country that does agree to host though. It needs to be a celebration of Ukraine, and not hijacked by some other country.
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  4. Poland rushing to host the gayest TV event in the world???

  5. UK should definitely host it next year!
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  6. Actually there is very little "respect" in this post. Ukraine have already hosted recently and did very well at hosting. Also, the competition will likely be held in Kyiv at its International Exhibition Centre which is not a "war zone", nor does it need renovating.

    Let's hope Russia's invasion of the east of Ukraine is over soon.
  7. After the EBU statement about cheating and Poland being involved they can kiss this wish goodbye.

  8. Okay but the Eiffel Tower made several points here:

  9. Wow. There’s no need to come for me with such an attitude.

    Previous hosting record has nothing to do with it. The situation in Ukraine is turbulent and there are no guarantees whatsoever that Kyiv will be safe and accessible for visitors next year. The country is at war.

    Regarding your attempt to make me look like a dick for discussing stadium renovations, ANY venue will need work done to be able to host a specific event such as Eurovision. If you truthfully think fitting out an arena is more important than restoring local infrastructure and housing, that says more about you than me, quite frankly.
  10. Yeah I have to say that even if the situation is not an active war, I don't see how the Ukrainian government will prefer to spend millions on hosting a TV show before that money is spent on reconstructing entire neighborhoods and cities. I guess we will find out soon enough.
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  11. Also we've got thousands and thousands of people flying in from across the world, the logistics are insane. The EBU is not going to allow the contest to happen with such huge public safety issues.

    I think everyone would rather Ukraine host successfully and we're able to plough money into their recovery, but Eurovision 2023 being there is fantasy I'd say.

    I don't think it'll happen but UK 2023 makes the most sense.
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  12. They also didn't do "very well at hosting". The organisation was a complete disaster and was only rescued by Christer Bjorkman pulling off a miracle at the last minute. The Ukrainian broadcaster isn't up to hosting an event like this on its own even in normal times.
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  13. What did he do?
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  15. Well I had no idea because it certainly didn’t come across on the broadcast, and that’s the way behind the scenes problems at Eurovision should be.

    So yes, I do hope Ukraine is in a position where the war is over and it can host next year.

    And it surprises me that there are people who don’t want this.
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  16. It's getting weird.
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  17. From what I've heard Ukraine is determined to host it themselves because their arena in Kyiv is largely untouched by the war. Why would 40 deligations want to fly into Ukraine for weeks if they are unsure how the war will unfold? The negotiations for next years hosting between the EBU, Ukraine's broadcaster, and the potential outsourced broadcasters trying to host must be a mess. I do not envy anyone having to go into those meetings. I'm sure it will all work out in the end though.
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  18. LTG


  19. If its held in the UK it should have Ukrainian hosts, postcards etc
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  20. It's the scenario that makes the most sense really. I'm hopeful there will be a good balance between celebrating both cultures in the hosting. Like 75% Ukrainian, 25% British.
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