Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

I couldn't be happier about this.

The Finnish song was poorly 'sung' when he was meant to be singing, and he even nearly got decapitated tonight in his live show. I get the audience liked chanting the refrain, and found him endearing, but this just felt novelty - it doesn't even fit within his oeuvre judging by his back catalogue.

Interesting how wrong this year's set of predictions were though - France, Spain and Austria being huge shocks, France was #6 and Spain #7, and Austria #8, meanwhile we had #16, #17 and #15 respectively.

Also, massively disrespectful of the audience to ignore the song in the lead and chant over it.
Just realized that Croatia did better than France

So much to catch up on and to say but for now I enjoyed Mae's performance and she deserved better although it was a tough year! I hope neither UK or Germany are discouraged next year. I was surprised Germany didn't do better as I thought it was a polished performance!

Happy to see Queen Loreen win again (it was between Sweden & Finland for me) but happy to see Kaarija come second. So many good songs this year (although I can't believe Albania beat us!)
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